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And if you miss smackdown last night and God only knows if he sees video packages so one day Roman reigns as budget stuff off dropped on him but he's fine then he's outside. The building in a car crashes into his car and he's fine and he goes on this big investigation in higher like a private investigator anything himself and he finds Buddy Murphy who wandered into the the scene and became a character and Buddy Murphy tells him that it was rowing and he accuses row in Dana. Brian says it wasn't Rohan. But you know what me and row and we're going to find out who it is. We'll bring him to you next week so last night. Roman meets with Buddy Murphy Guinea. Thanks Buddy Murphy is lying is as buddy who was it and buddy says it looked like ruin. Now he's changed his story. It looked like ruin so Roman is very skeptical and he says says if I five to come back in here find out your line all feature s and he leaves so Gail Brian and row and show up the guy under a hood and they bring him into this room. Boom and this guy willingly wears a hood over his head for two hours. His hands tied now wearing handcuffs. He just sitting in this chair in this room by himself for two hours and he leaves his hood on his head. So we're waiting and waiting and waiting and finally they do this stupid main event which will get to in a minute and they immediately cut backstage stage rushing is always for this final segment which apparently they shoot live based on like what we saw so they go backstage and Brian in in ruin the vintner are in this room with this dude. Got Hooked on a call in Roman reigns and Dale. Brian gives a quick speech because got only knows. Like we're almost at a time. And he yanks off the hood and underneath the hood staring at Rohan is another Rohan and the two Rowen's look at each other and they look Daniel Bryan and like everybody watch Daniel Daniel Bryan like. I don't know what he's doing with his eyebrows like he's trying to furrow his brow but he is try really hard because I think he's trying so hard not to laugh because we're we're probably live Roman looks at everybody and he's just completely baffled and then as God is my witness because I watched it multiple times was and I set the timer when he pulls the hood off this guy's head they have to look at each other until the show goes off the air. But like there's a timing issue so there is and I'm not kidding. Sixty full seconds of everybody looking at each other. No Roman reigns sand. What is this crap? No Dale Brian. Saying look it's another Owen. The the other one doesn't say a word of course the original vendor doesn't say word they look at each other for sixty full seconds kins now on top of that they leave the crowd sound on and so when he takes the hood off. This guy's head like the crowds so dead that you can hear like a half dozen guys one guy. He's howling out there in the crowd. You can hear the audience laughing at this reveal. Now let me just remind everybody this is not this is not okay a tool five. Have Life you'd this is not something involving our truth and Drake Maverick in the twenty four. Seven title okay. I want shelled remember. They were going going to do. Daniel Bryan versus Roman reigns on smackdown on summer. Slam the smackdown match on summer slim..

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