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Sony's radios Extend W 00 D 88 in Hollywood and already some showers and thunderstorms down in homestead portions of Kendall 12 o'clock, Florida's approaching the 10,000 Corona virus. Death mark the Department of Health reporting 174 additional fatalities among residents that brings a statewide death toll to 9932. New cases are up by 4115 to 25th day in a row, The states reported an increased below 10,000. The total number of Florida cases now tops 584,000. The FDA is pausing the use of Blood plasma as a treatment for code 19 top U. S. Health officials intervened to keep the FDA from approving emergency use of plasma containing anti bodies taken from people who have recovered from the disease as an infusion for those currently suffering from it. They say there's no proof it actually works, and it is back to school in power, but not business As usual. In fact, business is being done online Superintendent Robert runs He's asking everyone for patience and Grace is they work out any unexpected king sing glitches this week, he said, Really pleased and proud of how our teachers have stepped up and just gone through all the training and everything. This year, he says he'll meet with local health experts Bi weekly to discuss the cove in 19 positivity rate in Broward once it's down to 5% or less for 40. Straight days. He'll consider reopening schools for face to face learning. Wendi Grossman, NewsRadio, 6 10 W Y. O D. While Broward School started up this morning 100%. Virtually there are districts around the state that are currently offering in person learning a Tallahassee judges being asked to make an emergency decision that could stop them in their tracks. Florida Education Association attorney Kendall Coffey says the governor and education Commissioner are wrong to threaten district's with state funding cuts. If they don't offer in person school five days a week boards do their job. Without fear of an extraordinary new financial avoiding the governor's attorney, David Wells are used 179 Day absence makes it more difficult for administrators to identify learning deficits and possibly physical and sexual abuse in the opening of the schools will bring about some type of pressed. The greater risk is the closing of the school. The judge's set aside two days for the hearing aircraft. Biggest news radio 6 10 w Y. O D. A new study from Brown University is claiming Stay at home orders issued by states are significantly associate it With reduced spread of covert 19. The findings published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, the study says the pandemic doubling time, which increases when the pandemic slows did increase as lockdowns were put in place this spring, and with road trips popular during the pandemic. Used car prices are spiking across the country. Chick a website like Kelley Blue Book or edmunds dot com, and see what your car is worth, Experts say get offers from both dealers and online retailers. And don't just take the highest bidder. May offer more cash upfront and different states have different perks. Ivan Jury of Edmund's just sold his car because he wasn't using it during the pandemic. I actually got more than I expected to the point where I drove my car for one year, and I only shaved off $1200 from the original purchase price. That's a B C's Geo Benitez. Well, Brad Fire is currently operating a gas leak and Dania Beach Contractors report We got a two inch gas main feeding the Panda Express. Right off of 1 21 Southpoint Drive. One firefighter,.

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