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Join my talk. Miss Shannon Paul for one of Twin cities prides biggest and best fundraisers, the Grand marshal, Mass queer Aid This year. They're calling it unmasked, and it'll be unforgettable. It takes place Thursday, July 8th at the Woman's Club of Minneapolis and in addition to raising funds, the mask were aid will celebrate 2021 pride. GRAND MARSHALS Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm and SL interpreter to Governor Walz, Nick Sabco. There'll be live music from Jimmy Zia Bennett. Comedy for Maggie Ferris. A drag performance as play workshop. DJ Keesey spinning tunes, a live action and more $40 gets you the show appetizer, a sparkling wine toast and a takeaway gift bag for tickets. Go to TC pride dot org. Pay friends. It's Elizabeth here for the team against Ryan, Boy. Cool day Today I opened up the doors and I was like, Oh, my gosh, I can give my air conditioners Little bit of a break, but we know that there's a lot of summer left to go in your act has been running non stop of its struggling to keep up or it's old. This is a really great time to get guns Ryan out and just take a look at what you might need in the future. And if you do need a new system boy is now a good time. Because if you mention my talk, you'll get up to $4000 off a new A. C. In furnace. There's a lot of demand out there for all sorts of things like this. So if you even think you're having a problem, don't wait. Call her book today. Get somebody out there and you know you don't have to make the decision right this second, but you can kind of know what you're in for and start to plan. Our air conditioners have been working overtime and Dennis Ryan is the team to make sure that your existing system works great or to get you a new system. When you need one. They're a family owned company. They've been in business since 1950. They take care of all the things in our homes that are so essential 6129003550 or book on their website again. Ryan dot com. The.

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