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Two six talk is our number and we've got allison iowa high ellis hi how are you fine fine i'm calling for a family member who arrest i know she earned her doctor's care not any better cornered anything you pick okay we have described it what's it like well nearly yum round after she tried fell on nothing now you as a very uncomfortable sensation and can you described as individual how old is sheep lose it probably fit q from sleeping which he implied in a real problem for her okay okay so so i would look at at several things here first of all uh one of the most common causes of restless legs syndrome in women his iron deficiency and so she she needs to get her iron checked out and not just a regular the cbc blood tests to see if she's fullblown anemic you can have a normal blood kale but you can have low levels of iron that change the way that dopamine is utilized in the part of the brain that is responsible for restless legs said reveal is actually relationship between parkinson's disease and restless legs syndrome that a restless legs syndrome is invariably can lead to parkinson's disease but it has to do with dopamine metabolism in the movement center the brain the substantial niagara and when you have lowiron a year simply not optimizing your dopamine production so she needs to get a ferrets in blood test and we need a ferreting of at least fifty sixty seventy which often doctors will say if your fair to even above eight or nine as a female as well well you know pretty combination fired vists he women no big whoop but you need to optimize iron levels to reduce susceptibility orissa's legspinners number one number two you want to build up tilted mean levels so how do you do that nutritionally well you.

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