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She has been to her local giant and silver spring five times hoping to get the vaccine where they give it out based on people's age, and I almost got it and I was the sixth oldest person on line, but unfortunately we're only five vaccines. Last time she went. There were 35 people in line, hoping to get the leftover vaccine and she said there was not enough social distancing. So she stopped going. She still wants to get the shot to honor her husband, who died from covert last year. Here but will now resort to looking for appointments online. Luke Luke w T. A P News, a fight broke out on board a metro shuttle when it was over, a young girl was sent to the hospital stab ones, Metro, saying five people were involved. It happened around 2 30, near the Addison Road seat, Pleasant station. The girl is expected to survive. Metro also saying a woman was cut and another girl both treated that's a scene. The girl in the hospital and the two women have been arrested. All three have been charged with first degree assault. Newport News Man has been arrested after a shooting in Fairfax County Wednesday. Fairfax County Police charging 20 year old Jalen Keen was shooting and killing Sam your own Cockney A and rest in, police say both men attended South Lakes High School Mayor Ed Oh, Carol says Keane was found in Newport News. This is our first homicide of the year in Fairfax County. And the arrests and apprehension of the accused was an example of the exceptional multijurisdictional and interagency team effort. Police in Newport News. Arresting keen late Friday night, he is charged with second degree murder and still ahead. Why your taxes, maybe going up in one local county in Northern Virginia. It's 10 06 drafting Sports Book, An official sports betting partner of UFC is putting you in the center of this weekend's title fight. Pick either Main event Fighter Land A punch during UFC, 2 58 and drafting Sports book will give you 100 to 1. Odds Just bet $1 on either fighter to land a punch. And if that happens, you'll cash $100. There's no better way to.

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