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Steelers, San Francisco, Anaheim discussed on Yankees at Blue Jays


It is six twenty one on bob eusler cease a baffier left last night yankees game after allowing four runs after experiencing this comfort in his right knee but today said bath you've got encouraging news and now mariah that knee came back clean no structural damage but i in toronto masahiro tanaka against the starters the yankees try to even their series with the blue jays nick caplis pitches for toronto it's on the fan coming up at six twenty five in late were just a moment ago that clinton frazier has been scratched the yankees lineup because of an oblique injury raiders beat the mets today five one get a splittist who game series graders scored three in the first off rafael montero who walked home the first run a lotta to run over to joey gallo and again just couldn't or wouldn't rose strikes this terry collins we have not walk people in past obviously this year home runs are everywhere so let's let's which again but you can't put runners on base hindu hittings a tough are in the end they can swing the bat and if you're does level you'll be able may you'll be able to throw strike when you need to montero lasted only three innings allowed four runs at cowes audio courtesy of us know why martine peres allowed three hits over his eight innings for the win the only mets rana wilmer florez homerun mess now on their way to philadelphia bottom of the eighth in anaheim the angels now leave the orioles four to one top of the ninth been opened the mariners 630 lead on the a's bottom eta's san francisco giants two cubs one and this afternoon in cleveland it was iraqis over the indians in twelve three two two giant steelers friday night.

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