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No isn't crazy isn't totally out of it in and out of touch with reality or with people or with her peers but just isn't quite as much in the know as a lot of people around her and if she wakes up one day realizes in a wakes up to the world or literally wakes up and goes oh i'm i'm being left behind everyone is started to throw up and i haven't and i need to fix this what would that person do how would they handle it chatting with my director we kind of said okay let's imagine there is a female stock in an american high school who is trying to get a date so that's kind of where where we're headed with this this concept is just somebody who is trying to figure out all of these accusing all these things that people are saying but very in a very logical fashion bike riding down notes doing experiments okay we're gonna find the formula for humanity and of course there isn't one it's it's all way more complicated than that so very longwinded answer that's the inspiration behind this story is just mike review life nuts it sounds very interesting uh kinda reminds me a little bit of lay it if you mixed a little bit of sheldon cooper from big bang syrian and sparkin in um but but yes switched switched the the the gender on it and and give it a little bit of a difference of background in in you've done this unique.

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