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Guy Toni, AMY, Ralph Lauren discussed on The Bobby Bones Show


Eighty years old today. Are you familiar with Ralph around I've heard of it I don't know what it looks like Polo Oh okay yeah I know what that is what city is the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store located then what city is the Polo store the flagship store Ralph Lauren I didn't know that was American Ol- Oh also say American did I say American so I wanna Miss I don't want to say anything about Okay might have assumed as long as soon we're doing American Trivia New York City New York City is Right Oh Tehran Friends Wilshire to the office no okay here we go number two what does the company neutral genus specialize in aw Neutrogena what's the company Neutrogena Special Ocean Lotion Vase Lotion after I'm going to give them skin care products Amy's disappointed in me you don't think I should in my head I was about to say it's skin care in cares the answer reheat it's close he did he arrive is close but I'm gonNA give it to him generous generous all right here we go what would you be doing if you paid a visit to the toni and guy if you pay a visit to Toni and guy what would you guys sound like Fun People Toni and Guy Toni and guy oh you're you're a dress shop dress shopping no I'm sorry amy you can still if you're going by and visit a Tony Guy you're getting your hair done that's correct Ooh Tony Angle did that I'm just not only amy one amy I'm coming you with three questions now Ken yeah what color off Ferrari's originally seriously I don't write the questions and what color were all Ferrari's originally now from this question I've learned that I guess for a limited one color for a long time I did not see take a Lotta Times for are either yellow or red or orange or something weird like that yellow red those are two or my head collaboration aww originally originally bred ooh wow good answer how amy Monday night football the lions and the packers they're playing in Green Bay yeah what is the name of the stadium in Green Bay they gave you really hard questions seriously yeah I know she's what's the name of the stadium in Green Bay kraft kraft macaroni and Cheese Green Bay packers Gillett no that would be New England patriots they play Gillette Lambofield there's no way you've got that finally what was the name of Tim Allen's fictional TV show on the show home improvement questions Improvement Tim show what was the name of that fictional show his character name or the name of the show he was on the team he was on oh Jordan Tim the toolman tailor time would have been the right answer.

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Guy Toni, AMY, Ralph Lauren discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

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