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We return to Mark Stein. Oh, it's always a good day. When we hear rod Stewart's. That is what it is best. I can't stand the aided like forty-seven albums of the Rod Stewart sleighs the great American songbook. I don't want to hear any of that football. But I love the f you want my body. And you think that is rod at his absolute best, you know, who loved that song Mullah, Omar. When US troops finally got into Mullah Omar compound in Canada. Mullah Omar had band music throughout Afghanistan. You can listen to music anyway in Afghanistan, you can switch on the radio. And hey, via lack my buddy couldn't have that. At all can hear anything not even just infidel disco fornicated like rods into you can hear any music in Afghanistan. And then when they got into roads. Compound. He lives in Malibu. I got. I think he's got a couple bobcat Mullah Omar compound in Canada. They they found he had like eight tracks of rod Stewart's greatest hits and not the great American songbook stuff. But all the if you want my body, and you think I'm that's what Mullah Omar was grooving to when he got out of his turban and back to his pad in in Canada. Actually, I do I tell you one other thing on Friday, one eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two, you know, we talk about anything you want to talk about. But if you do what this is the story I loved and actually ties in I'm going to tie Rod Stewart back to the big point rush was making about overturning the two generational applecart. Because there's like some clip going around the internet at the moment of these Taliban guys, basically doing cheerleader squad retail. Chains they supposedly training for some mission. But they just like making out like the Dallas Cowboys gals. I doing leaps and kicks and jumping through hoops, and that kind of thing, and I love is the funniest while the funniest clips you can find out there at the moment. Just like a minute of these like Taliban guys doing that. Cheerleading routine and nothing else has worked in Afghanistan. So actually training the Taliban are up to be training every Afghan to be a cheerleader for an American for an NFL team would actually offer as much of success as anything else we have tried in Afghanistan. Russia's out today. You know, what this means it means season against so civilians, kind of annoys people at great some people in irritates people. We get all that. So there's.

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