Dr Carl Sagan, EU, Jim Sadler discussed on The World of Phil Hendrie - Episode #1008: The New Phil Hendrie Show


All right let's say if you don't let your favorite pairs you can't do that if you take a guy into the ocean eastbound sea land pacific there's no landed to what the same to south pacific yes that current chinese say well it's not a very good analogy because mars is a body of of of it's a it's a it's a gap go ahead notion man it's of land mass and so there's going to be different points of different plug raphy can you happy on this is red eye gentleman you should always have on if you've a talk show host expert because talk show don't know excuse me i got a great honour from forty two week about anything you really pretend pale just bitter over the fact that you will have a talk show i know you wanted to get one but dr carl sagan got one and as other nuts i don't give a tweet i wanted to have a medical show yeah that was the guy you'd be because mr a doctor aws mr arrived we don't like telling you said that because he got to show and you didn't get threats right and you wonder why he got the show because you hear people in the eu tied that's the only reason i try to show he did with trump and in with your day it was horrible it was terrible all right we're talking here deducted jim sadler trump get no i did not talking to the right now we're talking about the european space agency landing on mars with dr jim settler we're getting overdone mix the now done has done some investigation on this done mix is a private investigator.

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