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Yeah, and that all those things could co exist and that's Toco it's like, but it's it's, it's great that he that the forefathers were able to kinda like pave the way for that absolute. That's really cool because like, look, we're in, we're in Times Square right now without the pyramids. You wouldn't have these skyscrapers true. You see the chronological progression of all this is really fascinating. Tell me about, and I mean, there's. Like the kindest possible way. At what point does merch glummer ch- lose meaning. I mean, it's it's something that's taken for granted now or big part of like we also, let's look at some of the more contemporary ventures into George. Let's let's start with the glow in the dark tour. Oh yeah. Where like you're taking artists that are an increase in creating work with with popular artists, not the time to cash from coming and that that's that's awesome. That's really, really cool. But that was also something that like, say, Adams did for the beastie boys, including, like, let's say, amazing photographer like Glenn Friedman and Todd, James incredible graffiti writer and putting them all together or Eric as for the lettering of of the beastie boys. So that was done at that time. And then you know you you fast for twenty years in like Takashi mer-khamis part of Connie's tour that's really cool or like Connie also bringing in incredible contemporary artists like a west. Wang Yang mix, right? I was really interesting. I mean, we know like Konya is always going to be in a way the exception that proves the rule. These always gonna imbue things with meaning that have been there sort of left cast aside or like needed needed to basically be reinjected. I love the idea of taking a a fine artist yen and bringing him into the mix and seeing his interpretation of of the album or the music or the the tour. That's really cool. Conyers, denigrate job of like bringing all of these guys. You know, great merch who's ICP amazing, incredible almost warrant ICP, but the whole lore of icy Pugh is fascinating shoutout to the great Milenko. Oh yeah, his they will come. I mean, I'm sure it's not today. They played in Brooklyn recently. Yeah, I went. I went to that show on your feet. That show and emerged booth was off day. Got, I got something hand-drawn by violent J's daughter. That's amazing. That will. Be asked to go into the ball to the ICT museum. So I'm always, I always take heart. When I see contacts. I'm like, obviously, is a p around forever years been around for a long time when I see acts of younger generations really take Merck serious. So like let's say, let's just, you know, again, you can't. We can't address every Tyler, the creator and future with the idea of golf. That's really awesome where you see them really kind of like flourishing and expanding the concept or the idea also got a free URL t shirt from gene for euro teaser videos, so called also the hand-drawn Earl where Tyler just drew at man. You have to put those together juxtaposed I show that's that's a hell of a pace usually cure in my collection, frankly, does play for you should be the chart because everywhere way, one thing that's got me thinking about like the current environment or seen of of merch, we. Are now in a time where like a legitimate clothing line with like a cult following or of a crazy fan base is now teaming up with like a huge act. For example, stone island, doing the boy meets world to our for Drake. That was really amazing. That's really cool. And that's, that's different. I guess that there's also a lot of parallels and similarities to you on Adidas approaching run DMC Gada time. Right. And what's interesting and look, I think of merch typically as standalone thing, but obviously the collaborations are happening at a at a more fevers clip. Yeah, I think people in this day and age take for granted how persona non grata hip hop was up until I mean, hell. The early two corners not for me not for you, but the idea of a a legitimate or a centrist fashion brand or sportswear company working with rappers. I mean now like literally like twenty one. Savage can have a sneaker average. It's no knock on twenty one just saying like anyone with one album and a couple of hits can have a contract of some kind with sports work..

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