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It's not. I didn't sound like it was for me, and then I fucking love. It sounds my girlfriend. Put it on. She might get upset what she'll do biscuits and sausage gravy, and then also put like another biscuit with grape jelly and then kind of eat them at the same time. I am on board, looked at me look like you were gonna be. We put a smear of fig jam on my day after thanksgiving. By the way, the day after thanksgiving sandwich is my favorite food sandwich. As a matter of fact, it's usually the eleven pm on thanksgiving. And mayo, integral ingredient, Whitebread integral ingredient. But now my wife spreads a little fig jam little regular on there. Yeah, she's a little bit cranberry sauce. Krikorian fig. I think for me, it's you go cranberry and gravy, or you go fig and Regula for like a fresher sort of like. Yeah, like this on the heavy ripped defend bomb with mashed potatoes of the sandwich. God, I love the fucking thanksgiving sandwich. It's the gablers from Supriyadi. I was in Vegas and they still have those there. And I was like, do I book and stop do? Is this what I get. No, it'll you'll end your day. It'll kill you, dude. That's funny, you say and your day, that's how I talk about all my favorite meals. I can't eat them into relaxed. I can't eat them into. It's like the end of my day. Taco Bell, Chinese, traditional New York, Chinese food and like heavy barbecue on Mike over this. I got my work done this morning almost blew off working out today because my wife just left town and I'm like, well, just get stoned all morning and watch a movie and then eat barbecue at one o'clock with these guys. And then I was like, fuck, you should go exercise when swam, a bunch of apps. And now I feel completely comfortable in in core djing. If you end up behaving Arthur, you will get. If you could end up Abe. I think I had one of these guys on those are the sauce ones. Those are giant. Yes. I'll live. These were, oh shit to pull the veil BAC. So on my birthday, which was in July and July, I bought these ribs. They've been frozen. Doing. I got super drunk on my birthday at had by Fred, drop me off at rally at eleven at night because I do they're having a sale and. So I drug had like a piece of traits legit skate more. And I'm like, not like I'm birthday drug. I'm a mess. Start and he'd our cooking bronze. No, it's I got. I got it. Yeah, I would. I love that that you know the clerks are still talking about that. And I remember when that dude came your book and shit face and left with a bunch of ribs and the real problem. Booze, but with me. I wonder if he's still alive, he'll be didn't eat those. Me said they also know whether or not I've gotten shit done in the morning because it's like, am I obviously in pajamas still walked over there or my like together. Yeah. And so the those review Brian for like six, seven hours about as far as you can go, and then we can't Brian more than that. Oh, you get mushy..

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