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Nellie the top local stories. We're following this hour of fight between the Montgomery County Police, Union and county leaders has turned ugly and the union is now suing the county. It's related to a use of force bill that was passed by the county Council last year. Corporate vice president of F O P. Lodge, 35 Leigh Holland, says the suit against Montgomery County filed this week. Doesn't take issue with all reforms within the bill, rather that law enforcement didn't have a seat at the table. We're the ones that other doing the work or the ones that she had the voice of how this policy will protect our health and safety, he says. Some officers aren't clear about the parameters of the use of force policy passed in August. 2020, for example, using on Lee Proportional force, meaning If the person is using hand against you, you can only use hands when we have other equipment are helps to try to counteract the struggles that just pepper spray Look. Emery County Police says it will not comment on pending litigation. Meghan Cloherty w T O P News We're hearing from Montgomery County Council member will Jawando that would say that this is not a legal piece of law piece of legislation was just Don't think of accurate, He says. The new policy sets basic rules, such as keeping police from firing at moving cars and hitting restrain suspects. We are following new developments in the shooting that left a 65 year old grandmother dead outside of her home Wednesday on Cue Street near Minnesota Avenue Southeast. Police say they have now located a vehicle of interest in the case. The silver sedan was found on the Baltimore Washington Parkway on fire. The same car was seen on surveillance footage. The night that Ella Mae Neil was shot not only just take her from me After her away from her mom that he let her get a chance to live her mom each that's the victim's daughter. Location. Neal on NBC four when compared to the same time last year, D. C homicides are up 35%. The pandemic in the capital riot or two of the main focus is during a ceremony where D C leaders recognized first responders and other heroic employees during the district's employee appreciation ceremony, D C. Police officers and others who responded to the attack on the Capitol were honored with a commendation of valor for their bravery and perseverance. We salute these agencies. And thank them for their selfless protection of our democracy. Chris Guild Art is the deputy mayor of public safety and justice. Those who have responded to the pandemic and works tirelessly to keep the city running during the shutdown also received awards in all 30 awards were handed out. I couldn't be prouder of our team and marry a Bowser. I want to say on behalf of our entire community. Thank you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Melissa. How w. T O P news. The latest Kennedy Center honors was finally held last night. The annual ceremony paying tribute to those in the Performing Arts was supposed to be in December but was delayed because of the pandemic. The list includes choreographer and dancer Debbie Allen tumbling for me..

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