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I'll say that I. think it always changes at the time that I was more of a beat making producer, which are the days we're talking about now. I was not not good at this the psychology part and the. Collaborating I was not good. I was much more of a i. know what's good and you're gonNA. Do it my way. Probably for my hip hop early hip hop days. And then as I started working with more rock bands, I started understanding more the dynamics of working with a group of people and now the most interesting thing for me when I worked with an artist is. I can clearly point out where I think the strengths and weaknesses are. But I don't feel like it's my responsibility. To solve the weaknesses I'll have to do is point out like This section here isn't as good as it could be. What can we do to make it better? Whereas in the old days? I'd say this section isn't as good and this is what we're GONNA do now. It's this part isn't as good. How do you guys suggest we fixing and all about affective? It's all based on your opinion. Great I mean like. How you feel, it is opinion everything everything has to do with opinion every the whole job. The whole job of doing this is pure opinion it's. Okay so before before I get to the Beastie Boys. Well I'm pay bills sort of sorry to divert. Actually my next question leads to what you were it with Bill which is basically. Whenever you show up and whenever you show up in the credits. To things are bound to happen and that is. You're going to. Reduce the sound, so we already talked about the idea of you stripping stuff down to just it's bare bones and making it loud. But it's also you really. Introduced the idea of cross genres and modern hip hop. Music I mean with. With run DMC having their biggest hit with. Walk this way. Even with the Beastie Boys at least in their their narrative of it like we were making fun of smoking in the boys room, and now go would fight for your right to party, but even with Johnny cash to hurt or.

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