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You hold your black after the adl go go no doug thank go go go no like the machine. The brothers apolo. You change the biochemistry. You go notating. Look at the power of your bra. James cabinetry alkalinity. That is the condition to perform berry goods world our world our world out. I got addie body the by this man. you will break the best of your own normal physical performance. How many did you do very to right up. This how did you do. I did. Twenty eight average. I haven't been doing push ups for a while. Some average went down. It's really good. Given what i could do before. Yes yes. I think this is the question and guys. Did she do more than you do. Normally when i have a question the barrier i hit was all of a sudden. I felt like a really needed to breed. What do you do when that comes on. Do you just continue holding your breath. No you can go interbreeding dan and then also will show. You will see that you are able to do say thirty more. Got it okay. So i stopped at twenty eight not because my body was tied. But because i needed to take brett's you could have done fifty six or sixty ic- will you know why because we alkalis d- the buddy we..

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