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So here we go two outs bandits second top six three into the count on Chris Taylor PK Hernandez the runner at second Colton grew around the bound picks out a sighted sets and find and that's in the dirt it's Paul for and now to a board and here comes just to turn the stock did to their five runs no brewer there three two count just bounces a breaking ball not even a competitive pitch to get out of the inning perhaps with first base open babies they can start over with the next guy next guys Justin Turner so that was the mindset not a good one Turner in the pit and that is low Justin Turner a strikeout he's also a former and knocked in a run with a double no one will swimming in a ball popped up right side back peddling baskets near the line under it and he makes the catch Daddy is out of the inning Dodgers leave a couple were headed to the bottom of the six it is five one LA you're listening to Major League Baseball ESPN radio ESPN apprehended by A. B..

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