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Hold on evictions during pandemic, saying the CDC didn't have the authority marketplaces. Nova Sappho is here. What's the immediate effect? Well, David. The judge struck down the evictions moratorium, but then granted a stay on her ruling after that, so right now no immediate effect, while the Justice Department appeals The CDC moratorium is still in effect. The concern is what happens shouldn't appeal court struck down the moratorium, too. Then we could start to see some serious consequences. We spoke about this with Emily Ben for She chairs the American Bar Association's covert 19 Task Force Committee on Eviction. It has the potential to cause widespread eviction to open the floodgates to increase. Health and equity among black and Latin next renters across the country. All right. Don't overdo renters have other protections from eviction. They do. A lot of renters are protected by states of dozens of them have their own moratoriums. Here's Emily bumper again. There are just over a dozen state moratorium remaining across the country at the same time, 19 State governors and state supreme courts have adopted or amended and added to the CDC moratorium locally. So all of this concern about potential evictions and the stay of the judge's ruling. All of this could be blunted by some $50 billion in assistance for renters that Congress has funded. It's been slow rolling out, and groups representing landlords say that's really the answer at this point rental assistance, not more eviction bands, David All right? No, but thank you,

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