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So it created this system and people are risking it off all but this speaks on the weirdness like this is kind of the only gripe I seen literally if your gym is in the county you can go to the gym. Or you know, if you have a car you can just go to the gym in the county know if I'm saying like if you're Jim is an account. You can be a city resident and you're fuked, you know saying cuz I'll here like from like regular. Yeah. I'm at the gym. I'm like, fuck you. Could be like lives in Owings Mills like fuck you almost meals are like every Baltimore nigga want to go there though. That's like a it's like The Jeffersons Movin On up. That's why black people wouldn't go there more often wise. I have that line in the the treatment for these kind of scrap. I guess for the the Saints of station North is is a fake. It's a Pastiche off if you will mourn the Warriors and there's a line in there where they're trying to get away from these people who are trying to kill them and plant this murder on them is kind of Pineapple Express in that way. And one of the characters says I'm not going to fucking Owings Mills man. It's nothing but his bullshit. It's like, you know being on this train, that's where the Warriors think of it. It's like I'm not going always real estate last stop will be safe. Nah, it's very inside cuz nobody wants to go to Wentzville, you know, so yeah people are plugging doing doing the gentleman. I could get rid of my tits. So I mean we all do I mean I need to do the underground gem. No, I'm not doing that. You not doing it. Oh, you just need to get back to where you'll be a pretty much I'm going to do my DMX work out in the basement. Just marketing yourself legally. Be more repeat. Don't do that do this. You get a good workout. Would that do you you do I'm telling you off just do the prayer just keep playing different prayers not playing dmx-prayers I go get me an energy. You heard what I play. Yeah. I was just like it's a rock Vegas show me where I can find the dice the intro which is 20 years old, by the way. Yeah. Yeah, so washed one nine hundred hustles also on that Volvo, which is a fire track. You're not were washed. Don't tell me anything more from time. Sake like don't don't do that. So in two thousand one and then you know, the thing called 911. All right, no, which is not something Levitt. So it's more it's yeah, it's not laughing at it's laughing at the fact that time has passed and it's what? Yes, it's going to be the 20th commemoration, even though I was calling to the anniversary, by the way on nine-eleven said, yes, Anna versus like that's not the word you use no, no need to read a book. Yes. It's not that Louis. CK book a loose EK joke, and he was like, we all just look for the top shelf word just like this is amazing hysterical was like, oh, you know historical means it means laughing so much that you go crazy. It's that hysterical is it that hilarious know which is not fun. So I got some.

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