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Playing Harvey milk in the. Movie mill, forest Whittaker as, demeaning, yeah so we see more Hoffman Truman Capote Jamie Foxx Ray Charles yes we really love, celebrity impersonations now let's. Go to, the best, actress category because you'll see that trend being reflected. Not, so much but it still, is reflected in the women that, have won the Academy Award, for best actress in the past ten years Meryl Streep playing the iron lady Margaret Thatcher of course Marion Cotillard. Playing. Edith pilaf in and rose off well Drag name sponsored by rice. Aronie Helen Mirren played Queen Elizabeth the second. Reese Witherspoon played June Carter cash And Charlene's thrown played Eileen Warno so and. Virginia Woolf the list goes on? Basically being that we are very obsessed, why do you think that is so now? We've laid out, the case, what what is it that makes us. Lazy because you know I mean, it's very easy to sort of wreck, maybe it's not recognize those characters but like if you watch a, movie it's understandable that if you do. One. Of. Those roles very well people can? See that you've done something well yeah do you know what I'm saying I think that doing portraying a real life person on screen is a specific skill that we the, audience can understand the mechanics of what went into the performance better than say an original character because we have, the, real, life person to compare the, performance, to same, with, Jim Balian Judy Garland. We're so familiar with Judy Garland she's iconic And the fact that this person can, perform as Judy Garland we can compare contrast? And understand their, talent I, think in a way that's accessible for. A person who maybe hasn't studied, acting and so so on and so, forth I bet this year somebody's gonna win a best actor actress, Oscar playing a real life person guarantee I. Mean. If you're taking l. c. now? We could we could do like a bat right like we should be able to look at what the roles are and decide who has the odds on or who is, the, odds on favourite for winning that role based on the plane that's right okay well we'll get back to, that, but, hey when we come back, Holly, thank you.

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