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On the gun but that's overrated but it comes out there and strikes three guys three guys. Out David Robertson gives up a pair of home. Runs Chad green gives up a run yesterday blows the, whole the day earlier Zach Britain has the control issues in which he walks agai in and so Jonathon holder gets hit a little bit it was just overall the bullpen look normal the positive. Aaron Hicks had a great weekend when, you. Go seven for ten over the weekend you're doing something, right and he looks, really comfortable in the cleanup spot here's the truth though with Aaron. Hicks well he's hide you can put them. Anywhere right now Aaron Hicks is just. One of those. Groups where he's how Giancarlo hits just a bomb of a home run you. Saw Boone work in the versatility Neil, Walker's playing right field Tyler Wade's play in left field I know as a, Yankee fan you. Probably not loving the fact that you had to, see a heavy dose of Shane Robinson I know you don't love. That but hey Jane Robinson hit a home run he actually produced over. The weekend he was in the liner for both of those doubleheader. Gains pinch it for two big spot by Aaron. Hicks but Robinson had a good weekend in. A home run and I knew what the. Home run call would be because I think it's, obvious when you hit, the name Robinson but just for the record just. So everybody can hear it here is. Shane, Robinson who. I don't think it hit a home. Run the minor leagues all year and I've got a fact check that but I don't think he has yet. Here he is hitting a home run for the Yankees three one Backhoes Bonifazio on the track he's at, the wall Jeez Same, robinson Drills running. Beal seats.

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