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To bring back my superiority complex like slathering my face with gold and joy, Jeremy, and we will we will. So thank you, Jeremy whichever one let us know comment on the patriot. And let us know which which germ you are. And Jeremy dean, I want you to know. But you probably oh, yeah. You can't hear this your card got denied for this month's patriots. Go back on and get your new you probably got a new debit card in the mail. And you know, whenever that happens. They cancel your shit. So he got a little notice when I looked up the Jeremy, so okay, then from Theresa aka t back, she's our only Theresa patriotic person. So again, unless this is just a P person. We don't know again. There's no last name. She sent us to Obama prayer candles from Oetzi, and this is amazing because I have like a little like shrine in my house. Of a crystal that, my friend, and and and the one that reads a book in two days, she got it like charged up at a sound bath in Palm Springs, and she sent it to me. And it's next to my Drake per candle, which got me. And now, my new one of these Obama per candles. We'll go right. I don't even know. I have. I mean, I need all Obama things in my shrine. Yeah. No us out only when you do the Obama prayers in the morning, you should Theresa. I don't even know. There was life changing. I'm like what the fuck was. I think these are great. So her card says the in my feelings candle lighting, this candle curious feelings love you. Both Theresa lemon Glendale candle children. We'll have one here two or you're leaving one for me. Of course. There are two. Oh, we'll have our feelings shrine here. This is the shrine over here. And this is all right. There's a sign that says drug dad, it's all the things. So okay. And we're going to get this together. I ordered the paint got we're going to do the board. It's going to be exciting. Jamie Voss could be girl could be guide. Jamie was a character name in our very first script we ever wrote the nicest thing and Jamie Voss side like that name scientists China's on box of treats huge box. A huge. And it was so great to giant like Costco, things of tissues the tissues of taken on a new importance haven't. They the yes. And let me tell you. I mean, the fact that they're so that like it's it's actually very comforting because as the amount of crying that's been going on. I mean, it's insane. I have now I've boxes of tissues in every room and grab from crying room to young room to cry. And I ended up going behind you and getting up picking up all the ball tissues. I mean, I don't know if we're an early onset menopause. I don't even care. I'm just gonna go through it and be indulgent and eat boxes of chocolates. And be like fuck you Barney's. I'm not gonna care. I just got a cry and cry it's my party, and I'll cry if I want to and I'm going to use these tissues, Jamie. So and so's mammy. Also, there was also double stuffed orios. Yes. Many diet cokes Hugh immediately all gone through in the fridge to cheeses, which are my Fave. And I only love specialty flavors and Jamie got me spicy. Yes. And a huge giant carton of goldfish now, which is my favorite, right? So we're wondering, Jamie. Do you watch first of all everyone's favourite needs to be Doritos? And if it isn't also Julie calls it does instead of Doritos does. But if jury does aren't your favorite, you got you honestly, like, we're not judging, but you might have to rethink. Life seriously. So, but after that, it's specialty cheese. It's for me. And you are the person who goes like Doritos or find the pretzels. That's my home. My gosh. Should go home my God. Wow. So we don't have Jamie, watch people's couch because we can't recall in all the many DIGI, GP episodes and patriot episodes if we've discussed our love for cheeses and goldfish. I didn't think I didn't think we did either. So maybe they watched people's couch and saw that goldfish was a staple. But like goldfish is one of my faves. Yes. Like a toddler, right? And I love goldfish to death. Yes. So Jamie, we feel a now?.

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