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Sharp saying were impacted the most negatively by the NFL scheduling inequalities, regarding prep and rest the eagles won the giants to the colts three the seahawks for the bears five, and then I see the following teams received the strongest benefit from the NFL schedule, regarding prep and rest one of them number two jumps out to me. The Cleveland BROWNS SO YOU HAVE JACKSONVILLE CLEVELAND CAROLINA DETROIT AND TAMPA BAY now Cleveland's a real team with a real roster, their benefit explain it to the audience. Yeah, so they've had a lot of positive things that have gone for them for the last decade. In the one thing that we have to note here is with Cleveland as well as some of these other teams. Bad teams historically even with benefits of some scheduling help are not all the sudden going to become great team. There's reasons why these teams are bad that just having extra rest than your opponents are not going to fix as you well know so an example for the Cleveland browns over the last decade. Every team has had ten by weeks because there's ten season, the Cleveland browns has not had a single one of their bye week negated by negated. I mean that you're. You're about to play team. Coming off of your by who also had to buy the same week that you did. Therefore they're coming off of Obama's well. That's never happened to Cleveland. In fact, I think there are seven teams in the League. It's never happened to over the last decade on average, you'd only happens two teams one point eight times one point so less than two times out of ten. The Indianapolis Colts have had six of their ten by week negated. Their by weeks, their opponents have also been either coming off a bye, or in one case they were coming off of a Thursday night game, so they had a mini by so you can't have it. Where want a lot of teams have zero? And then team has six of ten but there's been other benefits the Cleveland browns. Are One of the best teams in league in terms of they haven't had the play very many roads. Sunday or Monday night game, so they haven't been coming off of those with short week to prepare having traveled back to their homes. You know late at night and then trying to get ready on a shorter week. That hasn't happened to them, so there's a lot of different doctors that have benefited some of those teams, but it's not necessarily going to be the single thing that's going to help. This team produced a winning record by the way nine teams will play three straight. Straight home games the niners, the Browns Tom Brady and the box. The cowboys are in there, the eagles, the vikings the Titan, so it's I. always think that's a benefit. You don't have to basically leave. Four teams will play three consecutive roadies and cardinals Redskins Saints Patriots in that Group, so it's Warren Sharp joining us now further record has the NFL. You created measures to help west coast teams traveling east. Have they ever because that's one? We all know about worn. That's discussed by even guys like me it they made. Are there variables they've added or subtracted to help teams? Yes over the last couple of years for example variable, but definitely has help is even allow these teams not to have to go back to back trips they they've allowed them to stay out on the east coast. If that team requested so, I believe this off season there were eight different teams, maybe six or eight different teams that requested that two games on one coast sandwiched together, so they wouldn't have to take four trips. They're back. They're back across the course of the season they could. Could just take two once they're day extra week. Then come back home, so the League is started to allow teams to do that from coast, and that definitely is helpful. One of the measures that the League tried to implement to offset and advantage that the Dallas cowboys were gaining. Was Dallas obviously host these Thursday games for Thanksgiving as the lion what the League that is well because Dallas is hosting these games. Let's give them a little bit of a penalty. Let's make them play road. Game which is which would be a good thing that's the right intention because of the edge that's gained by these Thursday games that you host however what the League did is they stuck that host game the week after Thanksgiving so instead of making travel for a game after Thanksgiving on Thursday on a on a short week. They give them the full seven days between games so therefore it's no longer a short road. Thursday game for the. The cowboys, if a standard rest games where the cowboys the whole, there's not that big of a difference between hosting are traveling. The issue is the short week in which you have to travel, so that was a move that the league tried to implement, which really didn't have any impact at all to hurt the Dallas cowboys, so they need to do something else to offset Dallas being able to host all these games and simply making them. Them travel for Thursday game the week after. Thanksgiving is absolutely not helping Warren sharp at sharp football, just terrific stuff, a deep dive, an investigation on coaching prep time distribution of prime time games, player, rest, and how it affects teams I think it matters my as I peruse all your teams I think the Eagles got hosed and the Cleveland browns got a break in the end. Those teams I think have playoff rosters I don't think Jacksonville. Jacksonville will be aided, but like you said that's not GonNa make a bad team. 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