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He want to protect your children. She's done. Very well. She has she's got a beautiful daughter who sixteen and her husband's terrific, actor and director Clark, Gregg. Yes, sure. We just talking about him. Yep. Yeah. Colson? Yes. Did he write what lies beneath? Yes. I like that picture. Me too. Very good scared. The shit out of me too. Very sorry. I was alone. Yes. People know Clark, Greg Colson from from the vendors movies, I guess most popular, but he's also a writer director to to to be reckoned with you know, he's on shield agents of Sherry we-. Yeah. Someone to be reckoned with these great director. Yes, talented family. What else you got for this, man? He's gotta go. He's got stuff to do pictures to take a have to go to the museum of Jewish heritage. Give give us one more plug for four fiddler. It's coming to stage forty forty-two guess in February which used to be the little Shubert. Okay. February nineteenth. I think February eleventh is maybe the first preview have eleventh. Okay. Okay. So we're going to tell everybody to go. If you're in the tri-state area. Now, you gotta see it. We'll we'll we're going to see you should see it downtown. Okay. Not this production this production production. Yeah. Okay. The same beep. I will buy a ticket right after we get off the mic, sir. I think we can arrange for you to come. The publicist is waving not sold out. However, oh, I knew somebody. Now, I heard that it's also translated. Yes, they have the super titles in Russian and English. I actually everybody knows. Oh, they. Yeah. Everyone knows the word. So ready yet, they know that story, and it's. I find the the non Jewish audience finds their own ancestry. Interesting in what we're putting up there and our. Mesmerized by it and timely or the never. Yeah. As you. Yes. With all the Michigan. Today. Just looking at it today at Mexico and the anti-immigrant sentiment, and it's just rent your your grandmother came from Russia. And how did they end up in in Ohio? She had a cousin everybody had some by. Yeah. That came first. Yeah. And my grandmother never learned to speak English, and one of my favorite things is she used to drive a truck. In cleveland. And I said, grandma, how did you get a license? I gave demand a couple books. All right. We're going to tell everybody I'm Gilbert. And I are going to go see at first, but everybody needs to see fiddler on the roof in Yiddish directed by the great, Joel grey. I perk for personal reasons I want people to see men on a swing and buffalo Bill and the Indians and that night gallery episode, which is also which is also online Gilbert. And and I want to hear you saying another one of father showns. Okay. Do we have it? Do we have acute up you need music? No, okay. He's going to do without music. I get a hayme Mitha vibe Alicia chain with is sheep's, and it's from again Hoyas mid Gazon Takao boys when a couple hundred cattle to k- from everybody sing hayme hame. Come on in and building plenty of chain from sue Boyko spilled men pinochle employ. Dalton in my high Skillet often veins. The great Mickey Katz. He was Vicky would be proud performed by his son killed the great Joel Chris who our listeners fine. Mickey katz. The albums are out there. The videos are on YouTube, get them Joel this is my new favorite episode of our show. Two hundred forty seven or someone godly number. Thanks for schlepping out in the rain was. Very good. He's going to give you a sign off. Thank you. Are you, sir? Charming, and sweet you're very kind Gill. We've been talking to that great. Joel grey. That's it. Yeah. Yeah. That was let's could do. Joel Joel give yourself a sign off. Oh, could you do a little station ID for us? Yeah. No. If someone stood up in a crowd and raised his voice up way out loud and waved his arm and leg you'd notice him. If someone in the movie show yelled fire in the second round. Notice. And even without clucking like. Everyone gets noticed. Now. Unless of course, that percentage should be. Invisible. Inconsequential. It's been a few weeks. Faye? Salad. Fain because you can look right through me. Fine. Should have been. Mr seven. Right. A little resigned in

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