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News center Lisa Jaffe has the day off I'm Rick fansites and two more arrests in the brutal murder of a teenage boy in Lewis County couples to remember a with the update Louis county prosecutor Jonathan Meyer says a juvenile and his mother have been arrested in connection with the beating rape and murder of sixteen year old ban easement of Randall in June of twenty eighteen at all we believe had a role not in the actual homicide itself but in the cat a precursor of fans had the ability to stop the the murder and actively prevented someone from reporting it for others face charges including twenty two year old Jonathan Adamson and seventeen year old Benito Marquez who according to court documents invited easement go camping with them before killing him those two allegedly hit Eastman with the rock to make sure he was dead before burning his clothes and bearing his body on the family's property Romero como news here in Seattle the money raised by the city's sugary drink tax will be spent as promised under a proposal approved by the city council today the taxes raising millions more than expected and they're been questions about if that money is going where it was originally supposed to go for lower income families to make sure they get healthy foods especially after the mayor and council agreed to spend on other programs like early learning councilmember Lauren a Gonzalez is they want to stick to the original intent of not to create another cash machine but to collect additional revenue that we could directly reinvested back into the low income communities and communities of color that would eventually inter wrapped the cycle of soda the ordinance will create a special fund for the sugar tax revenue and then provide some limited flexibility but otherwise restricted to spending at the way the original ordinance promised with the additional promise that any groups that lost grants would be made whole Ryan Harris como news mayor Jenny darken his promise to veto the ordinance saying it creates a huge budget hole and takes away money from important programs micro top will pay more than twenty five million dollars to settle federal corruption charges the US securities and exchange commission says between twenty thirteen and twenty fifteen a senior executive and other employees inflated margins of Microsoft sales to Hungarian government agencies the savings were falsely recorded is discounts in use for corrupt purposes Microsoft president Brad Smith telling employees in the letter that changes have been put in place to flag suspicious transactions artificial intelligence technology getting a big investment from Microsoft com was Charlie harder tells us about today's announcement Hey I could make computers think for themselves at some point in Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says he wants to do it responsibly and safely his company is making a one billion dollar investment in a start up called open a high and he interviewed open a I. Sam Altman in a video posted on linked in a larger and larger neural networks we can train faster and faster as we started to really learn this really believe it.

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