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Voters in detroit have elected mayor mike duggan to a second term w deities quinn klein felt reports it's the first selection in the city since it exited the largest municipal bankruptcy in us history as detroit rid itself of debt dougan began improving abysmal emergency response times and tore down thousands of blighted buildings but his opponent coleman young the second charged the duggan detroit's first white mayor and decades was leaving the city's majority black population behind duggan calls that the same divisive talk used by president trump one of the most profound things president obama ever said waugh's if you have to divide people in order to get elected you'll never be able to govern right were saying there detroiters apparently approve of duggan's governing he won with roughly seventy two percent of the vote for npr news i'm quinn climb builder in detroit the democratic is coming off a victorious election night widely viewed as a referendum on president trump's leadership so far ralph north them defeated eggless be in virginia and in new jersey voters chose phil murphy over the lieutenant governor to succeed the outgoing republican governor chris christie a longtime trump supporter whose tenure has been overshadowed by allegations of abuse of power at last check on wall street the dow was up ten points you're listening to npr news many advocates are reflecting on a big night for lgbtq writes in politics minneapolis has elected a black transgender woman to city council andrea jenkins won with more than seventy percent of the vote and back to virginia democrat dannecker rome became the nation's first openly transgender state lawmaker elected the former journalists defeated republican delegate bob marshall who sponsored legislation that would have restricted transgender bathroom use.

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