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I could be. That could be an entire segment. It could be because I don't know if anybody could come up with somebody and I'm not talking about people in prisons and things like that. He's not a criminal. He's not out there people with baseball bats, but he's getting a lot of Colorado was killed because he put his political interest nationally ahead of the safety of Coloradans. Yeah, That's an interesting question. I should be a talk show. Yes. Yeah. You sure who would be worse than polish as governor? 8554058255 it maybe Hard to come up with so hectic state of politics in the state of Colorado right now, give it give us your take, because it's fluid. It's changing every week or two. Yeah, well, of course, we're still in the immediate aftermath of the primaries. Um Still thinking about about that Third district primary and that Which was the first time since 1972. An incumbent congressman was defeated for reelection and a primary. I mean, that's quite a long time ago, but Bo Burt have something special. There's just no doubt about it and I don't think this congressman Tipton took her seriously, and as a result, she was ableto Tio. When a 10 point win, it was It was a big win. And the reason you keep thinking about it, I assume is because it has importance. There are lessons to be learned for Republicans. Going far beyond that district. So so what are well? It's queer. You know, I I can't help but think that had Scott. Tipton's campaign. Actually, air television heads sent off some mail did aggressive social media that he still could have won that I mean, she was helped a lot by Him not taking her. Seriously. Um, And yet, even if he had done that he was gonna win. It was not going to be a massive victory. It would have been a very close Vic, and she didn't win by 20 votes. No one. By that point, It was a thumping Yes. And But it told it told what I think it tells people then is that people are hungry right now for a candidate. Who will Take a clear stand and be well and convey that they're going to go to Washington and fight. I think that's what I love. I love that word fight because everybody used every consultant foot in your ass. But people are smart. They know when somebody's a fighter and when they aren't and one Clear clue is, Are they a worker? And I think I think the lesson for Republicans everywhere. Every position, and Corey has been this way as well is go out and work here. You know what off being everywhere at the same time? You know, be nonstop and take advantage of talking. I don't be afraid of your shadow. Go out there. Take advantage of every talk radio station. Every TV station. Little put you on, and and she was She was thie Energizer Bunny. She wass and she got on a lot of conservative talk radio. Like the show, She worked the local media quite effectively. Ah, she had a unique approach with the gun strapped on her hip. Don't listening to see if others try that. How do you think mine looks by Israeli? Yeah, but obviously I'm wearing to you. Is that overdoing it a bit too much Should I? Well, the one that the Pearl handles Danner. It's that might not be the right touch, but no idea and it was so authentic. Yeah, it was so authentic, so and I loved it, and she's been full speech sense. Obviously up that the president's Mount Rushmore Hey, Dick Wadhams, and how's church? Broccoli is going to join us. Maybe after this break, maybe after the next break..

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