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He didn't he didn't he. Didn't he. let he finished everything. My god man. Those are howdy. Gosh i guess we gotta talk about more stuff. So las vegas apparently is going to have a couple of fans okay. There you go going mikey. Waltrip is the next s rx driver person. Gosh roosting choice. Yeah so the. I find it very very interesting that this series is going to be on. Cbs but then a regular full-time fox commentator is now participating it was interesting enough that they had for the first race of the year for six fifty race of the tony stewart in the booth. But now like for mikey. To be part of that series on a competing network. That's pretty interesting to me. I don't know. I think they also just like what doesn't compare. It doesn't go ahead and it's it's not. It doesn't compete against us. It's completely different car. The split there is bigger than johnny. Ps like this is the way we gotta do things but at the same time you are right it does this well. I guess it's probably the body race in two years all he is. You're right and a fox guy too. Yeah yeah it's very interesting that there. I mean it's cool. It's good that they're allowing them to do that. Yeah i mean you gotta like that. Probably just like listen their ratings. Had maybe you can figure out what the hell the ratings are going to be there. And what makes things popular in. Let us know let us know. And that is such a tough one You know i. That's that's going to be Super interesting to see how the ratings come back for it because outside of the fact that nobody knows this is going to happen. Really i mean. Hardly anybody knows this is going to happen. It's the the rules. The way they've laid it out is a good idea short races in prime time. I mean that's the way to do it. But it's in the middle of the week and what we've seen from nascar. Last year is middle of the week is poop ratings poop ratings. So yeah maybe something can happen there. rash fenway is is. They've announced that they are carbon neutral. Now i i don't understand curbing. Does that mean they play trees. I think it just means donate some money to some people who like plant some trees or crap. I guess yeah. Every every time every time they raise the raise the the plan x. Amount of i guess. I don't even know how that will work. And they didn't even specify in there now but they were just saying no no. We're carbon neutral. I mean you could tell because we've got a cool paint scheme now right. that's fantastic. I love to paint schemes. All right i like the paint scheme not bad. All wait everything. The thing. I like about the paint scheme is that they got all of the sponsors to commit to doing the monochromatic. Thanks so it's just white black and gray and so all of the sponsors are like this dark gray and every single one was like we're cool with that and the only ones screwed it up or the goddamn Contingency sponsors there decals on on the front of the fender right makes sense. So i'm looking at ray everett ham taking a picture of the s rx body. Oh where's this. I wanted to sit on on their twitter. It's on the the superstar racing experience twitter. Do you have to type the whole thing. You probably do. it's ex. S x racing as okay. So s r x rays twit. Her all right. They still doing those stupid. Like cartoon yet the up now. They got a cartoon version of mike either way first off. What's wrong with that time daytona five hundred champion daytona five hundred shape. This is like how many followers do they have. They've got thirty thousand followers and they can't proofreader. Goddamn graphic and it's not okay it will be. It will be excusable. If in the above they accidentally typed day toa champion. This isn't a grabbed. Somebody sat down at photoshop put. This together was like hey guys. How does this look. And they'll win. Yeah no problems there. Go ahead and publish it. Come on man amazing then. I got a picture of mikey. The mikey sitting in a car. But we don't know if it's one of their cars now. I hope it's not a photo. I was gonna say because that seat behind in my god. It looks like it would fall apart the first time you hit something. Where is jack rauch man. Oh now the car is like the cartoon version of the car is looking more like a fully formed the car with jarvis johnny peace born where is do we have an actual body. There's they they have like a like a teaser. Picture down scroll down in like february six. Yeah there's reverend him taking a picture of the front corner of a car and in his phone you can see what's that what's that bulldog thing for curious. Okay yeah and then like the hood a little bit there. Just the hood. That's all they show us. Those bastards chassis. But well. I just i opened up the The reverend hand was in your phone. Yeah oh definitely looks like a late model. Oh yes sure it does. Yeah yeah it looks like a cross between like a late model in like a like a grand am type of car interesting. yeah Spoiler could be like really weird looking in the end. It's it's business in front of two fast two furious in the bag. It almost from the like somebody did zoom up there and from zoom up. It looks like a like in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty two corvette is what it looks like. Like the batman looking corvette. By the way. Marco andretti also in this Okay and he he is. He is going to be in the superstar racing experience. It's only It's only a little disconcerting that they're that they're toting the frame around in the snow by the way which is like a regular trailer and a pickup truck. Like not like a nascar looking haller like i. You don't need that baby that's going to take away the the essence of all right the the The the kind of old school feel of it. You gotta hit you to a really one of those trailers you get you hall that you told the carbon sackler where it's all open. Yeah for sure do it. That way they have engines. I can tell from the january thirtieth post that they have engines inside of them. So there's that worried there for a minute. I know right And it's a v eight engine. That's a tiny chassis though. That's really kind of crazy. Whoa tony stewart is looking old in that one photo Wows irs man. He's got nothing to do. Why would why would you at least he's got. He's got a color in all those graphics for all the all the cartoons that they post for the daytona five hundred. I'd love daytona. Five hundred man. Go gotta proofread just a little bit. I mean i'm expelling all the time. I do but when it comes to graphics like that's why double check my crap right. If you're putting something out into the ethos you have to exactly double check it man. Have somebody proofread that crap for you. Ma'am what else we got something called a scott heckert is going to be dried. Houma seventy eight car for fast racing.

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