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Per visit creating scheduling days and putting them an hour or more behind their male male colleagues by the end of the day. So so the have longer days we as they're doing their jobs better. Exactly. There's another over there was another thing and you hear about interrupting. It was this isn't. Nothing's gonna be fucking shocking. So Dr Don bar who is a professor at Stanford medical school said that he often talks to students about research into gender differences. How doctors communicate male doctors, he said, are more notorious for interrupting patients in an effort to refocus the discussion. And then he said that female primary care physicians waited an average of three minutes before interrupting a patient. Male doctors waited forty, seven seconds. Ridiculous forty-seven. That's not even hi. How are you? That's barely anything much less like, how are you feeling? It takes at least forty seven seconds to answer that question. What else are you doing? That's your job that is your job? Well, I mean, a lot of them probably are. I'm sure every doctor is with the private practice is extremely overworked. There is something there. Oh, absence also like at another, I don't know at an hour to your day, seed fewer people I'd on now, but like you can't just assume that you know about someone's body better than the person who lives in that body I well, the other thing is is like, okay, if you don't feel like you have time to do this for your patient, here's a woman doing that. Yeah, or give them a Tony Robbins DVD and show him how done and DVD player because I don't think very many people have those anymore. No, I don't think anybody does no found one that you put into that. You could plug into a laptop and I don't even have the the, the hose for it. I know. Me neither, but I'll tell you what I do have the holes for dick. Dick falcon. I really convoluted was saying about Tony Robbins, but I was just saying, I think guys in a position of power are often like no interrupting better because they don't know what they're they really feel and so or or is happening. So I have to do that for them. I don't know if you had like a guru type like Tony Robbins that was a woman Oprah over do that. She doesn't. She doesn't. She doesn't pretend to be a doctor. The great example, Oprah is patient and sits people, and I think she gets the same result. So yes, she tries to get to the bottom of a problem by I, it's almost like talk therapy, but she's certainly not prescribing solutions, no saying really effective things like, you know, if he hits you once he'll do it again. That's where I think she really tries to get through to women that way. I agree. And that's, that's, that's a great example. Anyway, this is all very sad and will my so my acupuncturist was like, you know her. Her boyfriend has had some like so medical stuff that he's been dealing with. With. And she said that he after the last male doctor that he saw, he's like I'm only saying female doctors because they're doing a better job and they're listening to me like he didn't even realize what a problem it was until he saw the difference between and that's the other thing. What if you live in a place where there's only guide doctors, you don't really have a choice. So it's up to. It's not just up to people to be like we have to encourage women to go into the medical field, make sure that they haven't even even playing field, but we also need to make sure that male doctors are aware that they do this stuff and they need to fix it or what you can watch my grades anatomy..

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