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A boner guess. What they love. Spank stop thank you. Stop doing it like this attitude. Spread all across the island over mike. These guys are jesus but there's also people are against them so this whole thing was sweeping on in a black catching wind where people are believing in it. And there's two are not believing in it was spreading. And i think that peter it was very hard to say because he was certainly the person peters he had peter sola had the most contact with the outside world and he would seem to be the last person in belcher island who claimed to be god. This is literally like religious fever of like all the white people said that this was corrected in believe them. They've got the white people know everything so his sister minia mina. How are gearing. I it's m. i. n. a. mana meena meena. Meena sister meena on the other there. Isn't i know that is because my friends names was a white unbalanced and one could imagine her doing exactly what she said so in she was kind of. It's funny because when meena in in wait a minute and was in you when you at name. That's fucked me as a girl named sarah real menas in addition name. Do you know that. Yeah i'm surpri- only reason. I do know that is like i said my friends meet his name's his last name last name and and he's addiction. Ask me and he said no. He told me about his heritage. And that kind is a a well known egyptian laws jason so it was weird because when peter saw was kind of being like maybe i regret claiming that god and then killing this fucking girl little girl she went against me and charter fucked up on the on. Fuck the guy's name is charlie. His name is eric. Which i think i think this guy like like you said he wrote the story about this very i bet you. He just gave everybody different names. Nobody's going to know what that is but also white who will did give people as back your nothing. You're fucking tom com. So it was weird. Because peter started pure solid started like being like. Oh maybe this isn't the right thing. And he had the most contact with the outside world. Now like Maybe this isn't and stuff like that and his wife was all on board all this fucking murder. Everybody like if they don't believe in you. This is like okay so she was kind of being disillusioned delusional. Delusional delusional delusional. I can see straight and she ushered all the people in the ice most of them kids and old lady dot oled people were in in in indigenous culture. Their nose elders. The old people like worship this chick just said fuck this inaudibly said he said jesus would come the al-sham on the ice and this was she had that whip fucking whipping them. I think it was now or was odds Because both how many people was this one lady like rounding up at this point with a whip. You think they could turn round. Even if they were kids elders like with enough of them they could turn around just down. There is a bunch of it was like over one hundred people in this try. I guess you'd call it off like five or six hundred. And then they started questioning it and people were questioning what the fuck was happening and why these guys were saying they were gods and then killing people for saying that they were the they were against them so they killed a little girl and in harpoon somebody on over his little girl or not and they ended up kind of going on and being like you know this is a god and then there's people like this is a bad idea. What are you guys doing. So it's i break fucking former alicia assuring co-pilot and the ice saying that you don't need the dogs anymore. You don't need like anything because this will be kayaking down from the sky. Jesus going to kayak. Why wouldn't you just float. Jesus seems like more work. If you can already levitated. There were six people who died of exposure. Which because they also she's like you only possessions so looting close you're right so she made him get naked and i don't consider closer possession. I really don't that's one thing. That's like. That's a necessity. So they made children's trip and old women and everything and fucking push them on the ice. Then people started revolting. There was people that were trying to them towards the shore. Because there aren't a fucking piece of ice like let's get the fuck off like there were people that are there are actually rising up and saying no no no heroes heroes so getting back to peter is a bit of peter pisit pizza. Peter peter is a bit of a mystery but he also i realize boy i made a mistake and by the time there was nothing he could do about it when he heard his what his sister had done. Ausra all these people in the ice and then people like fuck this. I'm getting my kid out of here. And he's freaking out so he refused to speak to her for quite some time. So he's like bitch you fucked up. I said i was god. But i wind want dying. I know we. I know we killed like accent pressure that killed three people saying that they were like satan. You're all you're killing all of the elders and shows like fucking as he burst into tears blamed himself for the whole thing. Course you fucking should. I hope you feel bad now. Towards the end of his life case. So who's who's documenting all this by the way who's in the corner of the room while he's bursting and he's like from.

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