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The beginning was gonna be good enough for that ending. You know, The sad part is that was the pawn. I knew I was using it about six P.m. last night after the game ended, so I could tell you that that was an opera while I was real proud of that. Joel Erickson. Joel Erickson Ech, which which, where I began with what the ECG Yeah, that I liked what the act, But Joel, Eric said you're the overtime winning man. Yeah. We're gonna work for us to go sing us a song, you overtime winning man right off the tongue should start to like it. It's terrible. Okay, What else? All right, we got our golden knight. Lastly, The best game of the weekend may not have been one of the overtime games. It was in all Florida showdown in the first round. The Panthers the Lightning. All tied up until 1 14 left where Tampa Sports hero transition from Brady to Brayden monkeys in the lightning Far corner point couldn't clear held in legal right point shot blocked. McDonough advice. Here's a breakaway Brent and pointing alone back here. Judge Better boy by that point by four lining with 1 40 love to go. Hey, Michigan on the Lightning radio network. Yes, Brayden Point says, Sing us a song. You're the game ending, man. The cup champs.

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