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Twenty four is fine the operative three good to go the report sponsored by lows pros do it right to say five percent more on eligible purchases every day just by using your Lowe's business credit account do it right for less start with lows subject to credit approval cannot be combined with other credit offers exclusions apply U. S. only now W. RKO weather channel forecast our children can mix about clouds and sunshine which were dealing with throughout the afternoon hours also bit windy but those should be diminishing throughout the afternoon hours today with a high topping out eventually around forty two not tonight a few passing clouds low tonight drops right above the freezing mark about thirty to westerly winds ten to twenty by tomorrow Thursday again mix of clouds and sunshine highs upper forties then by Friday to wrap up the week might see a few of morning showers hi again mid forties look for lows lower forty so not much change the temperature there into the weekend Saturday throughout Boston showers possible forty eight then snow showers in the morning by Sunday and hi forty two I'm Gregg Ross from the weather channel the voice of Boston AM six eighty W. RKO Hey this is Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans quicken loans is celebrating our best quarter ever and now we're celebrating some of the lowest refinancing rates ever rates have dropped so much that many Americans can reduce their rate you may be able to save money on your monthly mortgage payment right now the rate today in our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is three point nine nine percent APR four point two three percent call us at eight hundred quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com to learn more rates of change a two percent discount rate of conservation and efficiency will hasn't under lessons of it is it's an awesome what would you like to be better at dancing poker yoga according to a study CBS customers are better than most at something important staying on.

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