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Let's go now down on the field right outside the Yankee dugout to Susan Waldman. John and my star the game is DJ LeMay played here before you got to see the ailing you got to see Trump again feel. Visit as all even. Let's talk about the pitching because you're standing there in her mind. Obviously third time around the around the line if he had a little trouble hug good though is before that. To set an incredible you're so far and really continued today is really like two or three batters there and they got him. But decides I really well. And then came the comes in and out of you know, comes in and after you made that play on Choi he raised his hands as if you're scored a goal and status through that that play for us because that was tough. It was off of out of you know, also for that double play. I'm just he kinda knocked down a little bit. And might have got through but not down just enough to get to that. Or, you know. Big time for auto to come through there. And you know, he bends he doesn't break a whole lot. And you know, great job again today. Good is it you'd be part of this defense because this this is a defense that really has helped this team, particularly when you have a pitching tonight what we work hard at it. You know, sometimes some days. It doesn't doesn't work out for us. But defensively I feel like we work very hard. We're very focus Mendis moon us all over the place. So we're locked in. So you know, it's a lot of fun to play pitchers. I don't know if you saw last year last year when he was in Pittsburgh. But how good is this really good? I. Cost plus curveball. Hopefully, you know, you never wanna see guy go out like that. He's a good one. Thank you as always. Okay. John. What's back upstairs? Susan and DJ Yankees win the ballgame for three and we're back with good totals in just a moment. The WFAN.

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