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They are watching things they're just watching videos on their phones or on a tablet and that is why notice that youtube is the number to search engine right google number one u2 the huge search engine hit for it can really vining engine and it's climate would chanting mean it's it's really giving google a chase so it it's it's really interesting how these things change from moment to moment it is standing one is doing and then you've got which and figure out what the next one is doing it's really it it's fulltime job just keeping up with all the photo media so game time you sick tres in for you to ask the question on where the cc the next five years in media i'm sorry i do get that that would be the perfect person for you to ask where does she sees the bags five years it media in social media you mean or media yeah in media okay well let's find out channing what do you think well there he goes i think you're going to continue seeing the trend of things are becoming more digital even the most important publications and the ones that have historically been around for awhile rate whether it is newspapers or magazines they had digital editions now maybe they're you know magazines have gone to quarterly prints but they're doing a monthly digital version where it looks like a magazine you just get to sit there and swipe to turn the page of the physically train one so despite everything else thinks her social media whatever's going on with faith the face because not going anywhere guys like it's here and it works if you use it right yes it has been taken advantage of es they have some privacy situations to figure out but one of the things in the end our help set people get with one social platform ever another people are still on it and as long as they're on it.

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