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Who blew up a bomb injuring fifteen people inside of a restaurant in mississauga ontario that's near toronto the restaurant was full of innocent customers including children the peel regional police say the bombers walked into the bombay bell indian restaurant detonated their device and fled brian gibson with the appear paramedical we transported fifteen patients from the scene to local area hospitals three of those patients went down to a trauma from trauma center in toronto if dean people injured three of them critically nobody has claimed responsibility the motive for the attack is not known peel police say one suspect was in his mid twenties stocking and wore a dark blue pair of jeans and a dark zip up hoodie pulled up over his head he had a black cloth covering his face the second similar but then he wore faded blue jeans a gray t shirt dark zip up hoodie and he also had his face covered the all ontario authorities once again are not calling this terrorism they don't know the motive for the attack to people are hurt following a shooting at a restaurant in oklahoma city reporter clayton neville says the gunman was shot and killed by a man when he walked outside of the restaurant lease or calling the man who shot the gunman good samaritan oklahoma police captain bo matthew says the man acted fast by pulling his handgun when he noticed what was going on there was a white male that went inside and just randomly shooting liberal this caused obviously a lot of people to run out one person when they were running out fell and broke arm more than one hundred people were inside the restaurant during the shooting i'm clayton neville harvey weinstein turned himself into new york police and he was arrested this morning on charges that he raped one woman and forced another to perform illicit acts manhattan prosecutors charged weinstein with first and third degree rape in one case and a first degree sex act in a second case he's expected to appear in court later today weinstein's bond expected to be set at two million dollars weinstein is also under investigation for alleged sex crimes in los angeles and.

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