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Two three seven seven six is our phone number talking a whole bunch of NFL football and so yesterday I'm watching the pre game of watching the games and they show Anthony Davis and it's all over social media it is Aaron Rodgers Jersey up at the game let's go get this blah blah blah never once god will get all triggered all of sacked your Chicago cured what do you do it re going to play for the bucs what would you do that you're from here you want to know something I had no problem that he did I wouldn't do it I would want my kids to do it I would choose to ever put that ugly **** uniform on the green that has that said when it Anthony Davis was a whole lot younger than me grew up bears were bad man they were not exciting juggernaut type team he grew up with Brett Farr and Aaron Rodgers and if that's the team he chose like Danny was not happy about it when we had our meeting and I thought Chris brought up a good point I mean Chris said so you're telling me that because you grow up here you can't root for any other team like I know a lot of kids that love the Golden State Warriors yeah they were the hot team the warriors are the bulls direct rival just that that I think that analogy is bad just because the Packers and the bears okay I hate it's a border war hold it hold on to say a rivalry means you then have to care about said team that's in said rival rivalry so they don't care about the team at all what do they care about a Packers bears rival C. one sang right the rivalry means nothing to them but we don't know if it means nothing to eat less and Anthony Davis in my opinion see him on the sideline at Lambeau field in the inner Rodgers Jersey said one thing to me front runner that's what it's okay so here's the thing did it catch you off guard because you didn't know over the years that a D. was a was a Packers fan did you feel like yesterday was the first day that he does anyone think I never asked him he's he's come to the studios back in the day when he was going to Kentucky and and we interviewed on cap but I both of sat down with them but a I never at Hey which through what would your favorite NFL team right it did it did catch me off guard I did sit there go huh it does seem like a little late to the party but I don't know that for a fact Packer fans whole life but he's twenty six years old he hasn't seen a lot what we want to move the ET Willis Jersey what a rex Grossman right a lot of the time he for him to tell me what you don't like what it doesn't surprise me that he had his allegiance is a team that I think it speaks more to the inept this all of this the bears organization over the last quarter century I find a store in the sun times where he actually talked about it needs that I know a lot of bears fans in the Chicago guys are going to get mad at me but this is when the bears were struggling a little bit going through the the change and he moved up to the Packers as as a fan that's back from twenty sixteen okay so maybe he's been a fan for awhile but when I saw that on Twitter yesterday pissed me off yeah didn't bother me at all I know believe it doesn't bother you because you're the person that like draws the line in the sand if you're a cubs fan you can't root for the cardinals if you're a cub fan don't ever go refer the brewers like you're kind of that guy in now for you to say it doesn't bother you is out of character because he's never said he's a bears fan and then he's going to root for somebody but it but it didn't trigger me it didn't I like this idea that you have to clear your fandom with Danny first like I said there's a lot of people in this city who are fans of teams are not in the city I think those people should have to call in and and and Danny can make a judgment how many years have you lived here who is the team that you enjoy this non this city and Danny says yes or no you're allowed to be a fan of that team I like that Danny armada Dahlem black show this weekend we're going to do that for a whole hour that's fine we'll do we'll take calls that's fine with me hi let's do it I had a team because the bears were not only not good they were horrific when I was a little kid horrific one in thirteen horrific and then got Lionel Antoine out of southern Illinois because they lost a coin flip that would have gotten Terry Bradshaw that's how bad things were I my favorite team and they were she also starting to come into their own they had one yet I didn't jump on after they had one rings I like them as a little kid because I loved a couple of the players on the team it was the Steelers and I had the Steelers up on my wall and I can tell you I was standing in the ace hardware is a little kid in downtown Skokie watching on the little wall black and white TV as they were selling when Franco Harris made the immaculate reception really exactly what was at oak street downtown Skokie never forget it I like them they had a kicker that I loved by the name of Roy Giralda and they had this big fan sexy culturelle is guerrillas yeah I was a huge Steelers guide because my teams don't but I never ever have all the greats on that Steelers team you were into the kicker I like the bunch of a loved mean Joe Greene yeah I love to white white Ernie hall our homes I believe was his name Andy Russell Jack Lambert rule it out a rocky Bleier Mel bring hairs Franco Harris they had Frannie soiree chief you go ahead shoes that goldfish swimming in the heels they will what's yes he wore platform shoes and left in the hills they had water with a gold fish swimming in there yes I love that team you don't cap went right out to try to find himself a pair platform shoes Hey mom can we go to the store and see if they have these goldfish platform shoes who are the issue this goes beyond Frenchie few well that was the guy branch always throwing to on the immaculate reception when Jack Tatum let his **** up and it broke up the play ball went near Frankel caught it ran it in I'm trying to picture the shoes is based exactly what Jonah hill was trying to buy in the forty year old virgin in that scene he's trying to buy shoes like that right I think you're right that's the you you were Jonah hill if you were gonna help trying to force their issues one is like I mean you're not making it up it's even in his wikipedia page there you go what's it say it says few could name self the fresh county is remembered for being one of the flashiest dressers in the NFL and would occasionally appear in public wearing platform shoes having see through yields a contain water and a live tropical fish selected from his aquarium to match the color of the day's outfit yeah the great I love cab that's that's where it that's where all your bad fashion decisions started right then and there is a lot of the guys he match the fish to is close out there it was awesome that guy was S. dot I love them and they had Mike Webster its center and we had a guy LC green what on the delight but they were loaded but they had like the kicker I love the kicker Roy Giralda Giraldus guerrillas he would bang through these kicks it was awesome to watch that team also all right so you Jack Lambert at Kent state was a two or fifteen pound middle linebacker that was a terror yes loved it absolutely and then one so but they were they were coming here they come here they come to realize that this is how inept some franchises are and hiring coaches I was talking about this yesterday theory with some guys that were there at the bar we did the pub crawl and they were talking about how the bulls have struggled hiring coaches for a long long time and we were going through all the names of the guys they hired all who'd been it's Phil Jackson other than thibs had worked out very well the Pittsburgh.

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