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I completely agree with you on that i don't do that. But understand like social cues and emotional intelligence like that is what coach kyle teachers and like. It's not like you know i. It's not what it's made out to be. Whereas like i say this in say that it's more like a haida communicate in like what like tracks i don't want to the girl on in stuff like that and like you know what you know. What's what's good like accused. And there's just so much shock cow because like he really truly is like a superior coach in like all the other coaches. I've seen but If you're a guy and you're watching this and you wanna be able to get like attract a high horno free blocks no fucking free plugs on my show. Kyle's kyle's gotta pay me at least two thousand dollars to get me to bro. We're not talking about kelly moore. That's too many free plugs. The that's i have different experiences. You know. I've i've seen people that have said stupid. I've seen people that have been done about it but obviously you're having success on. I'll have to do it. But if you're a girl or a guy or anybody Just reach out to the podcast. Tell me or make a comment or like or go on anchor a spotify leave a message and tell me what your thoughts are. If you're a girl what would you think if somebody's spent like a thousand two thousand dollars or whatever. It is to like biggie. Better like talking to you. Would you feel like aw sweetie like honored or would you like feel like fucking creepy. Get the fuck away from me. Because i feel like there'd be both i feel like that'd be both anna's and understanding right is like a guy you know like woman sometimes women they get more like. I'm not trying to say like every girl is extremely emotional but if humans go through emotions so being able to be in that situation and understand what's going on it's just like sales like for example if they're giving you the price objection it's like okay. I typically soon you're going and scary territory here man and everything in relationships like salesman canceled out here Relationship do all relationships that into your building really selling is building relationship. I mean dating is building a relationship so it's humans we're all human all the same. It's all in the same category like it. All falls under communication and like. I say that communication is up here. This is like a cloud and then like their sales and then communication with with sales saying sales psychology Saying it's just communication like if you understand communication you'll get what you want in life so that's pretty much just a rabbit and that's why i'm so. I'm so into like the the the dating scene again with counts of like that. It's because i want to undertake communication at the highest level. And that's like one of my goals because i know once i can do that..

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