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Is sponsored by mothers Against Drunk Driving. Have to check in with Mickey Ferguson over Fox six. The McGee Madness continues on Mickey. It is McGee madness, and we're expecting highs near 92. But with mugging, it's the humidity is that feels like temperatures between 101 105 degrees between now and Sunday afternoon. So let's try toe not overdo it Outside 40% chance of rain, though, to cool things off for this afternoon and this evening tonight. Goes down to 73 40 to 50% chance of rain for Saturday and Sunday With highs again in the low nineties and heat indices that'll get your attention from the W B our first alert Weather Center I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning and right now we do have some cloudy skies 75 NewsRadio 1055 W E R c for victims of drunk. And drugged driving. Our grief is unique. But you are not alone. You always have a place at mad. Call our 24 hour victim. Help line at 877 Mad help or visit mad dot org's 7 20 for Alabamans. Morning news. I'm J T. Today is national. Oh, yeah, Some states will be celebrating a little harder than others..

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