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He said well once you don't understand is like where's room for in eighty and i was like okay that ear 45 resulting of three and a very serious job in a waste like canadians like are we not in effect until the night as airliner maria structure is very keen adding worklife balance of understanding what categories are important to you and having structure is so important for me because i think that that's the only way it can make sure i do has the right amount of time with my kids than i do have time for my has been active time for france otherwise my schedule accounting nia live has to have so many commitments and so many phone calls and things like that so i mean planned out you know i always say that to working parents like ending and this clear he went up all of their kids in our calendar because that's how you can navigate around them whether the corporate job or an entrepreneurial adventure and that's that's how we all are i think that sas entrepreneurs they're very unique where thousands challenges how do you hire team great talent that's always a struggle i'm in finding the right person fall and keeping great town i think especially in that age when someone who has neither received had a ruling in jobs that looks like the person has been hopping from chops job i think of that as a red flag that hiring for addicts as far more important to me and hiring facts bearing than i thank at the time i've main states turn when a higher based on now and not for our work in the example you just terada's that hard fire someone when they're not dead or are you just kind of like hey they're not again fed i gotta move as far as what i gotta there and when is not delivering senior grass telethon vow and has failed france hill and keeping in one for extra long and has suffered of the other than clay is not part the crossed their business on south like i'm running a business and i also have a family in response law and islamic charity so i can't keep it in play he's not allow frank.

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