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Fences. Texan papers. Financing is available for qualified buyers got along fence dot com and schedule your free estimate today. Bob in Wendover, the trio P. Traffic Granna Berman solo. Once again, It's Storm Team four as the rain Snow line keeps moving further and further away from us. What do you see right now? Well, now I'm seeing it across 70 into Frederick and Frederick has seen mostly snow today. I believe Emilia Drip. Draper is there and reported four inches of snow at last check. And she said the plows have been working hard, eh? So it's hard to tell Just how much knows moving through the downtown portion of Frederick but are accumulating but that will switch over to slush as rain begins to fall that warm air has been pushing north. So many of us are seeing rain on top of the snow that fell earlier and then that will re freeze tonight. It's the re freeze events. That's kind of the second punch of the storm as it exits are region. We're waking up to ice tomorrow morning. Be very cautious tonight. If you have to head out on the roads or early tomorrow morning for the commute once we get to tomorrow afternoon, hopefully become melt off any remaining ice as we see temperatures warming to the upper thirties to around 40 degrees with sunshine on Thursday, chilly tonight Very cold Tonight will be cold again tomorrow night in the thirties, and then Friday looks like 40 degree. His average high with sunshine to finish the week looking at a dry start to the weekend, I took of her current temperatures right now, let's look to Alexandria, sitting at 36 degrees Stafford 39 degrees a little warmer there and then to the north in Hagerstown, a chilly 24 degrees All righty. Thanks, Briana. It's 5. 51 knew this evening of former Prince George's County Police officers is sentenced for sexually assaulting another officer. Wt Opie's Meghan Cloherty reports He will spend the next seven years in prison state's attorney for Prince George's County, Aisha, Brave boy says When the victim stood before the judge to give a statement ahead of lieutenant Richard Talent sentencing, she surprised the courtroom with her bravery. Her first words.

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