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They were completely outclassed by the jets and a forty eight seventeen loss. And now they travel to San Francisco to face the forty Niners Wes, even before that lions game on Monday night, I thought that there was a potential situation of Detroit going into a buzzsaw with Kyle Shanahan and Garoppolo getting out of Minnesota and getting healthy. I feel that more strongly my feeling about it as more strong than ever after what I. I saw Monday night. What do you think I agree in? It's the other side of the ball that I was going to concentrate on the forty Niners defense, even in a loss look really good and where's this lions running game? We heard about all August all offseason that they have fixed running game. Finally, they at the offense of line. They've got the running backs. This forty Niners team held Delvin cook under fifty yards, rushing, and then you, you're coming into San Francisco with your veterans, complaining about a coach, and I don't know if Matt Patricia will ever be a good coach. I don't know if he's a good coach now, but I do know these lines veterans have accomplished nothing. So why should I believe they know how to will? Who are, who do you think? Who are these veterans we speak. I've thought about it. I don't think I'd go out Tate. Glover Glover Quin is not playing as much. He's been probably their best player on defense. He's about as respected as I'm not gonna guess who's taught about awesome heads that they might be. I was really interested to see that he wasn't playing as much and there's some talk that he might even not even be starting. I was like, wow. Glover Clinton Quinn's kind of been amazing. So that's like a veteran leader better, right? But he doesn't fit apparently any other thoughts about this game? Gentleman. Any concerns at all about Jimmy after that game? Couple bad decisions. Couple of grain throws. I think this is one of the best match ups you can possibly have is the Detroit Lions defense right now they've shown that in the preseason and then in week one, I almost feel getting ready to finish last year and it was bound to. There's going to be all these questions when he has what is an expectedly down to earth performance here, and they're like, oh, you know, are we jumping ship Jimmy? It's like, is going to be fine. And every game he makes a throw or to you're like, wow, my advice them Patricia is after seeing him on the sideline, like about four hundred shots for me, been breathe, big villa. We'll maybe talk to some of the other your coaches on the sideline. Try to enjoy yourself because he did not look like a guy that was having any fun in week. Art shell used to get nailed for that. For just sort of thousand yard stare for like fifteen straight minutes. Where it's like skews me, sir. We just get you back registered way back marquees Goodwin. He's not certain to play in this game. Probably sounds like he's not in Dante. Pettis might end up being like the number one receiver on this team for this week or or while Goodwin has gone, which is why couldn't we go on. Moving on the Oakland Raiders who were outclassed in the second half of Monday night football against the Rams and the black hole. Now they travel to Denver to face the Broncos, Greg, I'm going to set you up on this now, the Broncos and west. I on your advice because you're talking them up so much. I watched the Broncos this morning and I totally agree. I, I think that was the to me the best game of week one and it was fun back and forth. Game is in Philip. Lindsay, fun to watch. Bill. Lindsay is very fun to watch and von Miller when he just stole that, like a loaf of bread. He was awesome in the game manual. Sanders please let me that said, what what? I was saying on Wednesday, that lacrosse, that guy was great. What I was saying before I watched the game, I feel the same and even more. So I've case keenum because he could have thrown five or six interceptions in that game, he got, he got hit with three, but he could easily thrown at least five. So Greg, I'll start there. They look. They really looked much, much better on offense, but it keenum terrify you at all watching him against the Seahawks because he was pretty loose with the. He was loose eve..

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