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She's on our program a lot. So I I I know she can. She can talk to his many stations as she wants. She's been very good. Coming on this show? No! Charlie Baker, the governor. Has basically kind of turned thumbs down on that, I guess. On Tuesday he was asked, and he said still a free country. The last time I checked, Yeah, it's a free country. That's true. But if I have to go to the registry To get my license renewed if I have to go. Um to town Hall to pay a bill a real estate tax. Or if I want to go to town hall and ask questions, or if I want I want to go and going to district Court and fight in a parking ticket. Or a speeding ticket. Uh, I'm gonna have to interact with public employees. And I'm sorry, folks. That's kind of part of your job. Now, I'm sure many public employees will disagree with me. If you're a public employee, and you agree, by the way, if you're a public employees And you're working in a town hall. You work in an expert in place. You're working any of the state facilities around the country around the state. Don't you want to know that everybody else has been vaccinated? I mean, that's what this deal is all about. Now, I know that there were some people who have deep religious beliefs, and I think you need to have the exceptions. But I think there should be a standard. You work for the public. You get paid by the public. You would direct that the public he get vaccinated. 617254 10 30 Triple 89 to 1930. I know that I have probably upset some of my libertarian friends. But This is one where I am washed up with the attorney General Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I think that it is common sense. What is what she is saying you could agree. Or you could disagree. But what you have to do in order to agree to disagree is you get a dial 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. This is not a life and death struggle. I think it's an interesting conversation. We could have right here on North America's back porch. We call this program North America's back boys, where all points of view are welcome, particularly in something like this. Let's have a conversation and let's figure it out. We seem to be doing pretty well as we are. Let's keep it rolling. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30 The Ladies line 617931 10 30. Let's like these lines up. I want to hear what people think about this one because I think that some of you are going to have strong feelings. Probably the negative. Feel free to bring him on. Nightside with Dan Ray WBZ Boston's news radio I Heart radio goes one on one with Iggy Azalea to ask her if her album ended up being everything she thought it would be. Everybody has a picture of the head of what you want Something to be and Whatever it is, If it's your making a painting or what you envision your outfit is gonna look like and you go out and buy. It always comes out slightly different. It's inspired by what you thought it would be in the same way. When you're making music. You might be thinking of a sound, and you could never quite get it exactly how it is in your mind. But it's close or it's something different. And so for me, I was like, I don't know my album's not how I thought it was gonna go..

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