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So, like, I think Drina like I don't know what's going like, but they're going to get married then this thing, everyone is shipping this Sohar right now agree. You know, I cried I actually shed tears, not once but twice once when she was by the pool, talking about the divorce. And then again when she broke down with you human tears falling down. My eyeballs is wrong with me that I'm that when she's trying to me, that's later on. And it's a different context. It's not about when in the episode last night. Yeah. When she says, I have to protect myself, and she's going to be no no, no. When she's at poolside with high now, I'm talks about how hard, the divorce is that you just said, she caused me. Oh, maybe it was in one of those confessionals at at some point I, she talked about the divorce again. And I cried again, what was she talking to you about that? I have. Now forgotten. I think it was like it shows her crying and. The lunch. Yep. You too weren't having lunch. No. We're standing up as wearing a leper jacket. I thought you were at a table outside. See, I'm gonna have to watch this episode a couple of times in the Incheon. You continue anyways. That's on different context. But anyways if these two, you know, this is this is Ross n Rachel, and Rachel, this is this is Jim and panel. Pam Wright, butter and jelly. Yeah. Exactly. Jake Jake Ryan and Molly ringwald. Wow. Older listeners. Hat John Hughes reference, right there. He's so smoldering, are you not finding him to be so sexy and hot? No, I've never ever thought. Oh, am a completely straight, man. But even I will admit I get it. He was like, totally get it. And I even like pretty boys. But I mean he's not at all. I don't like he's a like a dirty deal cuts, like not like that. But like he's Johnny Depp in the nineties, like that's what he is. I totally agree. I could looking at them in being like do I know you the surfing Brody and Justin? Bobby surveyors sick at surfing and they're such bay, it's like just only about and maybe maliciously Mark the older ladies out there. Tune in like nothing is happening. I know. No, I could never date anyone. The bachelor. I'm not gonna lie. I love it. So he's closer. Always falling off, like look and pay attention. He wears the tightest jeans the his but is always like ripped off. And he's got like safety pins as like style. He's whenever he's not my house. He's asking me for like Bobby pin Justin, Bobby and safety pins. None of prizes me, I know, but how are you going to date, someone who's got like ragged clothes on a eyeliner on Oprah's when Bobby pins and he's always sucking on. He lost his teeth. He's always sucking on a toothpick or he's floating his teeth in public. No joke. He even had it when we do the after show with Michael Strahan. And he even said he was like, are you floss seeing rush breath might be Maurie? Oh, gum disease. Oh my God. Youtube is a serious ginge of the fight against ginger Vitus is real. I I like like. that. They're a little bit older. That's what I was gonna say..

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