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I wanted to mention that. Of course we have the olympics going on. Oh yes i've heard of that. Yeah it's a little weird. Nobody's in the audience. Nobody's in the watch. The opening ceremonies ever. I do i do. I think are so strange. Every year i britain was weird. Beijing was weird. Tokyo-beijing was beautiful. Beautiful okay it was beautiful but weird. I liked for instance. Now the The cauldron where the olympic flame is burning burning. Yeah in tokyo is is his strange mechanical robotic flower. That opens up. It's cool. Yeah but it's weird that's weird. Yeah yeah i mean. I think it's cool. And i got tears in my eyes saw team. Usa coming out there but but I think it's. I don't know why i think part of it is with art. If it's going to be art you can't do anything anybody's ever done before. Which is by weird right. That's all that's left. I guess that's true true. Yeah yeah yeah and they do. Try to do something new every every time. Yeah that's part of the problem. And that may people togas. Come out march so anyone to watch the olympics. You wanna watch him as best you. Can i think actually arrest. That's where i'm going with this. And this year some people are able to watch it in four k. hd hdr what how. Well some people live in tokyo well in tokyo you can watch it in eight kale tokyo. The only place you can watch it in eight ks in japan okay. So where can i watch it in four k. In the us in the four in four k. You can watch it if you have comcast and and their x one. Oh they did this last time. I remember box. Yeah exactly they're effectively. They're streaming it correct. Yeah correct if i use the nbc app or the peacock app. Can i see it in four k. well No i don't believe so. I p- i installed the nbc's ironic because comcast owns nbc. No no but i- installed the The nbc sports app which i saw an article in wire cutter By my friend. Chris hainan who said that the nbc sports app. You should be able to see it in four k. Hdr but and it's why installed it and you have to sign in on a computer use credential comcast account. I don't know what whatever your your provider okay. Mine is dish to prove you pay for it on cable exactly so i did that and i went to watch the opening ceremonies and i was met with a message that said your providers is not providing. This don't you need comcast. I do need comcast. Can i get it where i live knowing. Not no that's the problem. Comcast has all the cable. Companies have regional monopolies. So you just have to be in a comcast area or you gotta lock. Yep yep now there is one other option a couple other options. One is youtube. Tv so you have to. You have to be Signed in or you have to be having subscription to youtube. Tv which is like sixty five bucks a month. I think even more now keeps going up every minute. Yeah right right. But that's that's you know live tv. And it's seen net. I think is. It's their choice for Online streaming live tv and then to get four k. Hdr that's another twenty bucks a month but yes but that hasn't started yet so you can do it now and then cancel exactly the they are giving you a free thirty days you can sign up and then cancel..

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