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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Arden spoke Sunday. Today I stand on behalf of the New Zealand government to offer a formal and unreserved apology to Pacific communities for the discriminatory implementation of the immigration laws of the 1970s that lead to the events of the dawn raids. In Burma the head of the military hunter has named himself prime minister 6 months after the military seized power in a coup. Army chief min Hong Kang has announced the state of emergency imposed after the military who will extend for two more years. He also vowed to hold elections in 2023. Since the coup more than 900 people have been killed and thousands arrested. The Washington Post reports police in the United States shot dead more than 1000 people in 2020. The highest number since the post began an effort to track police shootings in 2015. About one in 5 fatal shootings occurred after police were called to investigate reports of domestic violence or another type of domestic disturbance over the past 6 years The Washington Post has documented more than 6400 fatal police shootings an average of almost three per day. In Connecticut an Ecuadorian father of three who lived in a basement of a New Haven church for two years to avoid deportation has been granted a one year stay of removal. Nelson pinos has been living in the U.S. for nearly three decades the 47 year old was given a deportation order in 2017 prompting him to seek sanctuary at the church. In Tokyo the International Olympic Committee says it's investigating whether an ex gesture made by U.S. shot put silver medalist Raven Saunders violated its ban on political statements. Saunders who is African American and identifies as queer told reporters her gesture from the metal podium represented the.

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