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Jesus disaster last night which one. Oh my God I I get to about that. There's things annoyed is always but so how many people were actually at this. Call Nin thing. It depends on how you're counting that you lose. You guys are believe. Why where'd you go? Why would you ever go there? How'd you volunteer? Why would you made? Mike loved it and he loves it he would be stay there all day. No problem with that. Oh God I felt bad for everyone everyone involved with Reich. That's not true without me you did not feel bad. I did not without me though me. It's like you guys. What's everyone's irrelevant? What do you unbelievable? What are you talking about there? Were there were six people. There are thousands of people watched it on Youtube. That's the problem because of me. I'm not sure about that. Okay well I think it was the daily caller named bump. I'm happy to resign. You guys can do your own show and do a live show goes Outta WASCO. It'd be why do you need us to tell you that all the time. The Nice to be reminded once. That's all I said the whole thing up just to remind them. I grow in just like the tennis match. Everything is going to be built around boosting his EGO. I'm on kidding I I think calling me I watched much of it. I enjoyed it it was it was entertaining heated con. Steve Robinson I would have probably. In retrospect if I dave and I'm kidding obviously why People Watch I. It's on Youtube Right yes actually typed great thinkers on YouTube. which is a moment my life and uh-huh I could've looking in the discourses link? I just don't see how it worked if you've tied to where where did Dave. In retrospect after I said Hey I think you really thought we could go a couple of days ago. I was going to be there. I never said which I never saw. That was going to be. He said he he says you're lying about that. Okay he did he pulled throwing lying around. Why not that were okay? Yeah I felt it would diminish the value of me being other live appearances ashort. That's all no big deal. It's if I'm Dave I personally know what we'll do it with Mike and Steve Closer to the public. The three of us have dinner owner and just kind of talk. You know okay does that. Do what the golf thing in have some fun and you know what the place that's essentially what we did true pure here Dr Golf your drive golf and do the whole thing but Dave Dave. Thanks Dave thanks Dave Star. Well Dave and thirty people confirm okay. Well you definitely. She didn't wait. Thirty people confirmed when they don't have to pay anything because they'll say oh. Yeah I'll be there. That's driving schlepping. Wilburn at seven o'clock which is hell on Earth pointed out. It was the worst time for traffic on the worst week of the year for trash. But it's also this the worst day of the year to have an event right because everyone's going out tonight. Yeah that's why I was talking to Mike yesterday. Actually my buddy month. Yeah one of the W I talked to. I talked to my good friend. Gerry Callahan. Front half hour our last night. My Buddy Jerry. My brother for life. Listen to the show He asked if he should. I suggested he probably should but sure. He's my buddy like I don't know why I mean right on the why anybody would think there'd be any issues between US bipolar. We're best friends. Did you watch great thinkers. He doesn't understand we'll get we'll get plenty of stuff to get to here to these nine our show. I don't want to go to his reunion tonight. So we'll go till the clock fun with that so Where was I before I got to? Oh the I think I think colleen I don't know he's he's lost connection with reality ever had it now see he would play the opposite they even did you meet him before last night ever know. That was my favorite mine. said that that's what I worry about myself. I brought it up on the show and he goes. He couldn't have meant that I was like I think he did. I heard that part but I would have done it that way and that would have did it up yet so I mean everyone's out tonight so no one vice saying the Mutt like Bradford. You know is obviously an idiot. But like he's GonNa do this promote this thing of the eye on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. No one will be there. That's why I wanted on the doing I guess odds giving pods giving yes who too. Good of a name to Pasa- I guess so. When you think of so many things that you just have to do I side sent you guys? Text one hundred fifty thousand followers for yes twitter account. They tweeted at like eleven hours. Go won re tweet from muscle three comments from our people asking when Lucy. Kerr's the baby's so but yeah. I enjoyed it. I have some bones to pick as I always do but But I thought you know I mean the the real stars. There's Word Stephen Cole was Spitfire. See was a babble. You've got a haircut or something. I get a bad haircut cut. Yes this fucking asshole in Burlington is constantly constantly asking me questions talking too much borrowing because at all like the the eighteen eight salon or something into a salon yes like you go barbershop. barbershops lawn haircut place went to place where they cut hair was fucking. You've covered everything in the hair. Cutting world how how much you pay for it too much. How much did you pay for it too much? Why don't you just? What do we do here how much you pay those probably like an eighty dollar haircuts? I didn't ask about the prices I just need. I had time to kill. Ask Your fault well I mean I found out about the price after the fuck up for guy. Okay if there's a fucking thing with the the things spinning around you go in there and that's that's been twelve dollars on this haircut. That's it guy. Shaves it we talk a little bit. I don't like the talk. I tell the same joke every single time wherever I go. It's gets pretty short when they say I want the half played and I'm like well the grow back or one day. Maybe you won't and I like that. I don't see you having that conversation. Well that's about it for the conversation. Yes enjoy telling that joke. I also say cheese gets greyer every time. He's like Yup sure does. It's interesting when you leave. He's got he has to make this shit. Do for a living thing where I would go up to me. I take car run for year and just go. I love little barbershops. I love like sitting here reading my magazine. Having guys talk it's fucking men tots last place last bastion for men. And you're at a fucking doc in salon eighteen and eight salon. How much you tip the guy? All included tip eighty bucks. I something like that. Yeah that's let me see it. See what the result of the dollars. Dick we'll see your hair your fucking idiot you spend eighty dollars for that. Yes No I'm aware I'm away at the sides. And that's it the trims all tired the entire things a fucking disaster ship. I should've I should've in style known going in I can wear Burlington in Burlington fucking aware of you now annoyed with you. Spend what are you typically pay for so not that much so I walked in these so old like old school dude. Cut his hair scissor goods. Yes you good. We'll get to you in ages lunch later I walk in in the woman can take a walk in here Eh. You better believe a little bit of. We'll get there. We'll go ahead Steve. The woman is wearing jade green contacts and she has fingernails that are inch-long should have been warned Terminal Lee. Should've I should've got barbershop. I should have but I already know like booking hours to kill so I could go to the sheesh on Wilbur. Steve makes it sound like you mentioned this. A twenty six times a straight luncheon. The tennis go fucking see a movie or read a book go for a walk. It's a beautiful day. Oh Ninety Arthur prison for ten years. It's all afternoon. He was very angry because he had a burger someplace. That wasn't very good or something. Who so we'll go over? The Burger was the bright spot. We'll get and believe me we'll go. We'll get to the Burger Birmingham with this haircut. C Walk in I walk in and I make the appointment and everything. Are We fucking thirty minutes in my car before they can take me and then this meathead is like oh I'm GonNa fade it. Do you think it looks good and I wanted to shave. And he said well look better if you had a trim. I know a good beard when I see one like this guy. put down a new customer helpful helpful so we were a new customer so they put a new customer on the little slip and so the entire time is him trying to get me to come back so he can give me another shitty haircut. Lie Them and say oh come back. I told him I was never coming back. I said I'd never want to be in fucking Burlington ever again. That's the worst folks if you can pick your Burlington fifteen minutes where you live. It's it's a sidebar though it's fifteen minutes from where I lived. It's probably now eight miles from where you live. But it's at least a two hour one hour drive because traffic in his fucking miserable state is always so shitty. I agree. That's why I've never gone. You're an idiot for going over idiot moron. I have no sense of. They don't have any kids that do this is a matter. I could've been sitting on my couch with my lovely wife doing enjoying conversation. Awesome talking with a sensitive Dave colonnade insensitive blind. We'll get there but I'm more into the Steve Robinson journey goes from haircut. The Burger after that. Yes I met up with the my Brother's brother-in-law's brother Creator hold on your Benz. Yes yes Benz brother-in-law Benz brother-in-law's brother Ben's brother-in-law's brother more efficient more officially known as the creator of Steve Murdered Me and other other classic songs. I didn't know that okay. It's just the from the from the one car wife. Yes okay if you'll forget about the old one so get the car away. Okay yes okay. So where did you meet him at a Burger place which I then discovered was actually a red robin affiliate I have they. They gave me five every my down on Red Robin they gave me five fucking French fries. Discoveries look at this Mike when you find out a little bit like this. You're like Nicholas Cage in national treasure discovered something right there. He discovered that there was a map he discovered. There was an affiliate. I believe it was called. It was called Burgers and bruise systems. Bob I'm sorry you broke. I got a big story I gotTa Sizzler Sizzler. y'All GONNA leave this coming back there. Five French fries and this is an affiliate of Red Rub. Good I'm not going to say Elsie. The crow will be flying days. There's there's like ten capital Burger next to the Burger Bruce. I thought the Burger Bruce might be a little bit more affordable adapter..

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