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Nfl asked a question which is tougher. A make a catch while guarded by Stefan Gilmore. A pass while being by Michael Thomas and all devante Parker said was a and you kind of know why he. He's faced up. St Stefan Gilmore twice over the last five seasons. He had a monster game against him last year. Obviously that's the only thing that he can truly talk. Speak on because it's the thing he does. And that triggered Michael Thomas as we know we see some of those other. You know bouts. He gets some of these other players. I Michael Thomas responded with for you yes go run some numbers up. Then you can talk. I laughed you. You've been in the league longer than me first round or any posted some emojis Responded with got some hard feelings their brother let me get target three hundred times a game and that again Michael Thomas who said in other words you week. They don't even put your name in the same sense as me remember that. And then he continued. He threw it out there. You still not going to do nothing. It took six years and seventeen weeks to have a good game. Get The out here. Blame your parents not know quarterback? All devante Parker said was quit crying. We will post this back and forth as we did on the inside of the other day but my first initial thoughts are man. We need football back in our life like. That's the tough thing here because you know Parker. Us maybe hey. He had a great game against the Fine Gilmore. He should be happy about that defensive player of the year. And you know. That wasn't even his best game of the season. I still think eagles game was really his coming out. Party at really showed what he can be at his best. And you know I'm not GonNa Defend Michael Thomas here but I think you don't become a top wide receiver in the Lee. I gotTA say Michael Thomas. The best rivals even NFL. I don't care how much he's targeted he. I you know. It's up for debate. But for me he's the best an order to become one of those best players. League. You don't you have this fiery attitude where you kind of are always you know think maybe people are out to get you. But trying to doubt you forget the haters. You know that type of mentality is how you really build that work of becoming one of the best players in the world. I'm in Tonio Brown before all that stuff happened. I mean he was the same way that everyone was kind of against it. So it's kind of a weird situation though where where you can't really you. WanNa defend Devante Parker but what I saw twitter. Doing what else kind of happy about is they were saying. Well of course and I think you're right there. Of course. Michael Thomas has had the better career but I mean Parker. Did nothing wrong with this. And for Thomas to Kinda come out and start ranting I mean it just. We need football back. You're one hundred percent ready yet and I think. The biggest thing here's consistency. If devante Parker throughout his first five seasons you know put up the same numbers they did last year. Then we have a conversation. I mean Michael Thomas like you said I think the Andre Hopkins is right up there with him. You proctor who Jones. There's some guys up there that I wouldn't even put Devante Parker in the same sentence with but again he ha. It's because he hasn't shown consistency. You're right that eagles game. He took that game over. You know there was a jets game. He took the game's over that game. Against Stefan Gilmore. He took that game. I mean that is what you want from wide receiver one from that those elite talent. And that's what we saw glimpses of last season so I think devante bars goes Michael. Thomas Absolutely not. I think some people twitter I think they truly believe that and I don't know that's a little crazy to me but it was nice to see dolphins twitter kind of come together and you know kind of call. Michael Thomas Out. Because he was being a little bit of a bully and it was for really no reason an devante parker just kind of laughed it off and I just can't believe it all stemmed from the word A. It's it's one of those things that you you have to talk about. Because I think all the national media outlets were discussing had dion sanders or Steve. Steve Smith on. Nfl Network talking about last night. We definitely football back. But it's going to be interesting to see how much this drives these players. I mean Michael Thomas Again. I think he says you know. Keep keep underrating me. It's like no one's underrating you. They already think you're the best wide receiver. Nfl Devante. Parker now is going to go out there and try to exceed expectations that we already had so. I think is a win win situation for the Miami Dolphins? I know a lot of people were you know why why's devante getting spewed like that. I mean all he did was say because he knows what. Stefan Gilmore is. He absolutely bullied the defensive player of the year. So there's no reason why devante Parker can't say that but I think it's crazy that out of nowhere Michael. Tom Thought that that was some kind of knock against him and again the biggest thing here is that we need football back in our life. Yeah like saying one thing harder than another doesn't mean the others hard. I mean I don't think you can really look at it as a huge way of discounting you know. It's a hard to get a million dollars. It doesn't mean it's easy to get nine hundred ninety nine thousand dollars. You know what I mean like. I think that's where the big thing comes in there. But I do WANNA talk about this receiving core Josh because I really feel that for the next year and whether it's you know one hundred percent my fault I think this this group is what we're GonNa really have under the microscope. The most and I started to see more people talk about it. When my first prediction of the fifty three roster it's almost as toughest mock draft sometimes the amount of fifty three man roster people you know put out especially this time of the year but you know this group. Outside of Parker who again we thought for one year. We need to see much much more but you know the way. He responded that you see him growing. It's weird devante Parker veteran on this team men. And that's something we really have to accept them Mannheim flies Jesus. But you look at this group at and what they're going to do with whether it's Patrick or whomever that quarterback at Ed you have to be a little intrigue but we really need to get this conversation going out of guys like Alad hearns. Can He may be come back and had this huge year with someone you know. If you WANNA compare divide they parking. To someone I feel like Allan Allan Robertson Zev right. Yeah on Robinson. I mean having him outside of Allen her and you think about the Jaguars Team I think. It was twenty sixteen. That made the playoffs. I mean Parker Robinson. I think you can kind of make that comparison with a lot alike so can allen hearns. Come back and have a big year. His Press Williams going to be healthy too keen grant. You think like people are talking about it on twitter. Today there are a lot of punt return options on this team. Juki grant struggled with catching the ball at times last year. You look at those. Josh Rosen highlights of that cowboys game and you see that even against the Patriots Albert Wilson. He took a pay cut and he's really rolling the dice here. In terms of the Dolphins GonNA use me as a premier player. Is this group. GonNa really be the what the dolphins need. And you know someone who is in product nearly enough and all this as Mike Seki not only is he catching balls that he's thrown to himself. I mean he's prime to have the season of his career in the Changli offense. That loves big guys you think about your psyche. Obviously they don't a daily offense doesn't use a tight end. You know hugging left tackle. They have a mountain to slap. Who called the fourth With most the fourth most yards. Excuse me out of the slap last year according to Pro Football Focus Mike Sake and then I had another statistic I believe of just how he could be actually time release statistic. Pf just went into the huge thing about how he is the one prime for this big year and I think it's really important. We start to talk about as being one of the stars. The faces of this Miami Dolphins offense moving forward out of that receiving core. I think it is Parker into Seki a one. A and one B for for this feeding or the food chain. The dolphins want go. Yeah it is one of the most you know uncertain situations on the roster because a lot of it has to do with. Can they repeat what they did last season? We saw a huge step up in like just sick. He's production because he was asked to block. I think he was. He stuck back blocked. The most is your with Adam Gates. I mean we saw him take the next step last season. We saw devante. Parker take the next step last season we Preston Williams on pace joke about it because I looked up. And I'm just GONNA keep saying he was on pace to Jerry Rice's rookie yard a Jerry Rice. But I just love the use that so. I think what's most fascinating? Here's a Albert Wilson. Took that pay cut and I think it was. The Miami Herald reported that the plan as of now. No course this could change over the next few weeks months you know based on how they perform preseason based on how they pick up this new fence Yada Yada Yada etc etc. Devante Parker impressed. The Williams will be those guys on the outside and then they expect Albert Wilson to be that slot receiver if you take a step back and look. What Wilson did before that injury? I mean that's exciting. You mentioned you Kim Grant. We have to see him. Finally take that next step and be worth that contract because we talked about it on one of our little book clubs that we did he was supposed to have similar numbers to Taylor. Gabriel because we crunched numbers and said you know what the contracts there I think I think he got outperformed by Taylor Gabriel. I think that's remained the thing that sticks out in my head that he's not even as good as Taylor. Gabriel right now. I know some of that has to injuries. Whatever the reason is but we need to see more education grant. We didn't even mention. Isaiah Ford who stepped up big towards the end of the year. I think it was the jets game when devante Parker went down. I afford showed flashes. And that's a guy that I think in the right offense. Young player can really exceed expectations. And then there's Malcolm pair he's listed as a wide receiver. No one truly knows where he's going to end up. You got other guys like Matt Collins. I is a Gary Jennings. I mean you can go through the dolphins list of wide receivers and some people say who the heck is that like I. I don't even that is but the dolphins have plenty of guys. We need to see. Take the next step this year and whether trying fitzpatrick like you said whether it's a ton of Iowa that is the expectation because the dolphins attacked the interior offensive and defensive lines this off season. I think a lot of people expect them to go hard after the offensive side and get some of those skill players next year. So we got to see who's going to be around long term. We found hers. Were that contract with Kim. Grants worth that contract. We thought Wilson's going to be here. There's a lot of question. Marks have been the dolphins receiving core but with question you know as much uncertainty as there is there if they can repeat and do some of the things that we've seen him do throughout the career..

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