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These strong men used to gore and carnage backed out of the room, shaking and wretched some could not stop themselves from vomiting at last the firemen claimed calmed themselves along with some of Lowery's neighbors. They went into the attic to save the poor wretched creatures that they had discovered everywhere. The firemen look they saw chain slaves. Some were naked in some nearly dead. The stench of fear, sweat and human waste with stomach-turning. But what the firemen saw was infinitely worse all of the slaves have been outrageously mutilated abused or starved one woman had her skin peeled in a spiral around and around her body. So she resembled Macab, Caterpillar one. Man and one woman appeared to have had crude a crude sex change operation performed on them her breasts were sloppily sewn onto his chest and his penis sewn to her crotch another man chained to the wall had a hole drilled into his head maggots crawled in and out of an open wound a woman had Oliver bones broken and reset at different angles. So that she resembled a nightmarish crab when the doors burst open. She scuttled to a corner to hide shrieking out a high hideous barking sound buckets of body parts litter the room several of the slaves perished when rescuers tried to move them. Others fainted from the shock one woman blind with terror jumped to her death from the window. Well, fuck is going on in the lottery home. These firemen stumble across the, you know, some evidence of maybe the worst treatment of slaves or just human beings in general in American history, which is saying a lot or. Or is the tale of Madame Delphine Lowery. You an example of one of the worst cases of slander in American history as some historians suspect which would also be saying a lot or the truth as it often is somewhere in the middle. We're gonna find out today today, we dive into the folklore surrounds the life of Madame Lowery, which leads us into an examination of life in New Orleans in the early nineteenth century and sends us into the world of voodoo hoodoo laws regarding the treatment of New Orleans slaves. The war of eighteen twelve and much much more while we may never know exactly where the line between fact and fiction is drawing detail the dark tale of Madame lottery. We know for sure that her story is an interesting one, which is why she is our topic of the week today on time suck..

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