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I know that in eighty eight I guess she did a bunch of costumes for them and got an EMMY nomination for that, then you did for who for the, the Academy Awards, the but then there was another thing with where when we'll be Gobert was hosting in ninety nine she caught out in the used to do those, those shows musical numbers that everybody in New York hates because you're on it. You're watching it at midnight is horrible. But now things have gotten a little bit. So. Okay. So those were something to do with the but other outside the box things, I mean, you did Barbie, people forget that you did sometimes forget that you did. RB was just like a joke kind of the beginning. Yeah. Sure. I'll do Barbie. And they had all the seventh avenue designers would do an Oscar de LA Renta Barbie. And Donna, Karen Barbie, and whatever. And I said, yeah. Sure. I'll do a Barbie but I can't just do a cocktail dress. I've got to do something that people expect me to do otherwise why do a Barbie to start with. So what did that mean? Well, I did I did Barbie that was kind of share like, but because they weren't paying her to be share share I made her blonde. Completely blind, which share is a lot of the time. But anyway, it's it was kind of gold, and it was very glamorous. And the Harris pulled back and had a cone with a big long, blonde ponytail, the doll came out the next. I don't know whenever six months later, whenever they do it, you know, it's got be made in China and whatever. But all of a sudden Madonna was doing her tour, and she had plot this big blonde ponytail with a cone, and it was like the dole look like Madonna doll, and it became this huge selling doll and all of a sudden, he's which do more for us. You know. So I was doing these sort of like, like Barbie meets less Vegas, whatever every year. A lot of years group of people. Yeah. Forty some dollars later but I don't do it anymore. One thing that I read, which I was surprised to discover was, you said, quote, the fashion world, never really accepted me. I was always a costume designer not a fashion designer close quote. And I know that you had tried, I think from eighty to ninety three you'd had a studio in seventh avenue. Right. Right. Don't we did good business, but they always, they always thought that I was, I don't know that it was too glamorous to theatrical. And then, of course, I couldn't I couldn't stand do a show bashing show without doing finale that kind of like made him Waco and have a good time and their show pieces. And you'd have a few pieces that you never sold. You just it was kind of good for presser whatever. But has that changed with time to people, I mean, it's crazy to me, I think fashion designer, I think of you, I, I can't imagine that you're saying that the within the industry, they're still that kind of snobby. No, it's kind of changed now recently at the met ball. I, I met all these European designers that were around middle aged. Now, they're younger middle-age, whatever that is that we're young kids in school. When I was doing all these share shows in different kinds of Vegas. Big huge Vega shows and stuff because that was so much fun. And they were watching me, I didn't even know. I knew all their names. They were famous, but when they were in school, they were collecting pictures of stuff that I had done, and they knew who I was and all this nonsense, and I was in California, you know, just jumping out all that glitter. And flash. So they they've now it's now kind of grown into it with the people who are now all of a sudden now, they're saying you were such a huge influence on fashion, and you change the whole look of the red carpet that you did this, this this, and they just gave me the other night for it. So it's you know, a lifetime achievement award. I'm going really after all this years. They finally got it. Yeah. But it's okay, I wasn't unhappy..

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