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Oh look. Who? Excuse me I. I didn't realize there was anyone here neither did I. I'm awfully sorry. I thought the same such a lovely quiet, but sit and look at the lake s and you can. Take this bench. Couldn't you were here I? Sit On, this law your beautiful white flannels. A long time. Well I'm sure there's room for both of us the binge. Food. You see now I having disturbed you at all. There's a lovely light on the lake at this time of the morning isn't there s threes. would. You say it was eerie what Lake Erie? No the light. It's a strange relied. Very Eerie. It's so seldom one to personalities who really loves native. But you do don't you. You staying here the hotel yes. I just arrived this morning. You. Know Yeah that. I'm going home is afternoon. Just. As we're. Starting. To get acquainted. Since then I've been water of Summerfield, that's the story of my career. I guess it's not much of a story. Fascinating. Story. You've had to fight having to i. knew at the moment I saw you well, I've had my struggles of. What man hasn't. because. I really think it's a shame you're leaving today. It's not absolutely definite. Good. What do you mind if I ask you something terribly personal? No go ahead. What is it? Well, I don't I to intrude into your had on how to say it even but I had the while you were telling me about yourself that you were leaving something out something that it made you terribly sad. Mistaken. Tell me honestly have you had an unhappy love affair. No I knew it. Some woman has hurt you. I'm sure because you're still kind and gentle you must have been wounded deeply once yourself. I how you must hate us women all of us. Naturally I try to be fair. I'm afraid. I'll never again be able to think of a woman as a friend. You must. Be perhaps if you could tell someone about it, someone sympathetic, it might help it often does help you know very painful. If it would hurt you too much. Then trump. Well. When I first met Leila ransom..

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