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This is President Trump and Sebastian is really a friend of mine. He's a great guy. He's been with me from the beginning. Listen to him. We all learn Thank you, sir. Thank you. Kindly to two stories. Juxtaposition here from the swamp Pope about the swamp. Muriel Bowser, the mayor of this suspect is It's so hilarious has now banned dancing. And standing at weddings, not just dancing. Standing at weddings. So what is happening? Couples are canceling. Why would you even want to have your wedding in D? C. It's like a war zone with a giant faints protecting Nancy and National Guard troops. It's either a ghost town with everything closed down or a war zone, and now you're not allowed to stand at weddings because Hope it is going to get you. In the meantime, this is from the daily White John Brown, the mayor of D. C. The aforementioned Muriel Bowser has bean added to the Democrat Governors Association. Did you get me? Did you hear that? The governor's because they think that she should be a governor of a state. Yeah, it zump kind of clay's I observe a status. But you know what they're doing. They're prepping the battlefield. They're prepping the narrative so they can just cut it when you know, watching. They're just gonna vote it in. Is it going to happen? We can't let it happen. We've got to push back. Push back on what the propaganda not just from the DNC, but from people who are I can't say it. He's meant to be a comedian. He's one of the most unfunny people on television. He's called Seth Meyers, and we're gonna show you a propaganda clip from a comedy show that could have bean Produced in North Korea to push their regime cut. Nine pick up a while, Joe Bynes seems to have checkmated Republicans with the strategy so shocking that never occurred to them. Doing popular things that people like thanks for buying administration's accelerator. Vaccination push new cases of covert are at the lowest point since the beginning of October. In addition, fighting stimulus package has provided Sparky promise. Look, look at some of these numbers. US gross domestic product. GDP hit 6.4%. That's the second best quarterly reading since 2003. Thanks to the stimulus, Americans actually have more money to spend the amount of money individual household has after taxes, increased 2.36 and brilliant all it. Can you stop it and just pulls it. Just a reminder. This is a comedy show. Let's play 1% in the first quarter. 2021 its president, Biden completes his 1st 100 days in office, A majority of Americans are more optimistic about the next year. That's according to a new ABC News Ipsos poll. Nearly two thirds 64% are optimistic about the direction of the country. Wow, optimism that is not a feeling Americans were used. You love that was I mean, that was I mean, that was like Peter sellers. That was like the best Pink panther. It was like that's a price The stein way. Not anymore. I mean, that was just took me back to the dead Parents skit from Monte, but I mean, just Huck. I mean, how does he do it? I mean that comedy. His voice had its do the voice, okay? Not funny. But it tells you that they're desperate. They don't even have a laugh track. Let's go Your cause that's gonna Judy in Brooklyn Line three. Welcome to America. First, Judy. My Dr Gorka, by the way, not Mr Gorka. Thank you. Have you got something to tell me, Judy? Short to absolutely you know, law stuff, guys on my mind, and I'm holding on like the fun it at least the sonic. She's a powerhouse. I once I was on the honor of being thrown up Facebook six times, but I did take something. Guess who answered my comments to love my comments supportive of her and everything, And she was begging for people to please help her with the funds because Hollywood against her went with the impeachment use fantastic. Gets a rancid Mike. My tweet loved it. Chiana reads actor Chiana Resi was so like, Turn up! What was the tweet? What was the tweet? Was supporting her and I was you know, I was calling. You never supported, at least of panic. Thank you, Anna Rees said good for you. He loved it and knowing that he then I went back to tweet back. I was shocked as I happened to be a fantasy is I'm not a fan of everyone home, but I am a fan of his. I was really shocked. And then he and then guess what, Anything you'll see. He's best friends are God and guns like it's just stuff you see in the video of him doing competitive shooting. No. Oh, yeah. Guns and God, That's his thing. Have you seen him? Shoot competitively? No. The guy is a machine. He went to Toronto Tactical, which made the the guns for his his movies. The What they call the or they called in a bunch of movies like John Wayne movies. Okay on instead of just saying it's gonna be C g I and blanks. He went to the manufacturers the costume shop and they trained him and he does. You got it. It's like a minute long. He does a competition shoot with handgun rifle and shotgun and the guys and Animal, Judy, absolutely martial artist, but that's one thing you gotta be. Hopefully a lot. You're gonna be a gun fire. You're gonna be gun guys. Well, so, but that's no white called. Why did you call No, no, It's a very conservative he's really got. You know, he loved material. I just wanted to put some of that and the other thing. We have to push back against feelin intimidation against police and everyone else. That's nothing. But here's what I'm calling about. I need your input. Okay. They want they want education of control as well. I want you to know And you know that you were like in charge of education. Your wife. Also in September, Dr Gorka, the powers that be want old schools to teach. Critical race theory, which to me is called is a war on north, according to him, according to WHO? Oh, I heard according the mandatory curriculum Now we want to have e need. I need the source Who said this? How I heard it. You know, I heard it on the line. Stand the line. That's too big. I need that news. Talk to Jeff. If you go to source I need to hear because the idea that you can mandate CRT everywhere. Way need to discuss that Mary Jacksonville line one. I I can't believe I got three. This is part of you. Thank you. Thank you for your patience, man. I'm no problem. I'm just thrilled. I'm here. I'm just suddenly goodness sitting here, Um A kick this in the CIA who has generalizing body thing. No one serving and a sensitive position like that. Just have a problem like that. That's where How about it come out. The other guys might be proud, proud of the fact that she's mental issues. Holy mackerel. Batman!.

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